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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"At least SGI is a bunch of peers." -- SGI member

Do you have dozens of songs sung in your honor? Do you give guidance to Danny Nagashima? Do you deliver final encouragement at large regional or national meetings? Do you even determine the topic to be discussed at the monthly district Gosho study?


  1. " Do you even determine the topic to be discussed at the monthly district Gosho study?"

    Do you know the difference between *conformity* and *unity"?

  2. "At least SGI is a bunch of peers" it's just that some peers are more equal than others.

    The SGI is all about peers and peer development, there are super peers (supeeriors or superiors for short.) they are the ones who know how to say "yes Sensei", "Hi Sensei" and "how high? Sensei". They are also the ones who know how to train the peers who are simply just "In" the SGI, gently and subtly imparting the necessary level of fear to make them an Infear peer that will then result in them being able to say "yes Sensei", "Hi Sensei" "I vow my life Sensei", "how high Sensei".

    It takes lots of compassion by the Super peers to train the Infear peers (or Infeariors for short).

    But even peers must have rules, so one mustn't peer into SGI finances, one mustn't peer into the basis of the teachings, one mustn't peer into SGI history or peer into the validity of its claims. If one is an Infear peer one mustn't peer into one's Super peers lives. If you do these things in a peer organisation you have to become and ex peer. And that means everyone gets to talk about you, even the Infeariors, who are encouraged to give ex-peer-inences. However, contrary to appearances the SGI is all about ex peers. Once you become an ex peer, you've really made it.

    So is that clear? At least SGI is a bunch of peers, Super Peers, Infear peers and ex peers...especially ex peers, there are lots and lots of those .