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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dear Martin SGI YMD Study Fellow

Let us discuss the teachings to see if we can come to some conclusion regarding the Right Law [Rissho].


  1. "For the past several decades many people have been deceived. They have misunderstood the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha. They have forgotten the Right Law, and preferred the teaching which is by no means orthodox." (Rissho Ankoku Ron, Page 20, Translated by Senchu Murano)

  2. For 56 years in the USA, the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha referenced, explained and modeled by Nichiren and recorded in his writings have NOT been shared. So, it is really not a matter of what has been misunderstood, but rather, what is not considered relevant--

    The mistaken presumption of chanting = instant Buddha; the add water and stir mentality, IS the practice taught in the U.S.-- " Got Gohonzon- now follow the recipe-- add daimoku, SGI activities, subscriptions to the *pubs*, contribute $$" = True Happiness= you are Buddha-- and if you are especially diligent a leadership position and a ticket to good circumstances, aka the *good life*--salaried, career, motivational speaker---

    There is only cursory acknowledgment of Gosho and Lotus Sutra-- perhaps needed to maintain tax free status, for all I know, because neither is studied, or referenced in SGI Guidance--and the mere mention of Gosho and Lotus Sutra as a standard for anything SGI will raise the dander of a Top Leader--

    The National and senior leaders of SGI USA are the third powerful enemy of the votary of the Lotus Sutra-- "Arrogant False Sages"--

    I am inclined to believe that something like recinding their tax free status and chipping away some of their wealth, may be the only way to gain their attention long enough to introduce them to "the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha"--

    Just sayin'