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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Discarding the historical Buddha

The unfathomable field of the Buddha's cognition is revealed in Shakyamuni's behavior as a human being. We must not discard the Body of' the Manifest Buddha Shakyamuni. To discard the historical Buddha is to discard the Lotus Sutra which teaches the unity of the Three Buddha Bodies. It is to reduce the Lotus Sutra to the teaching of the One Buddha Body. It is to debase the Lotus Sutra by lowering it to worship of Amida Buddha [Reward Body] or Dainichi Buddha [Dharma Body]. SGI and Nichiren Shoshu debase the Lotus Sutra by denying the Three Bodied Tathagata, Lord Shakyamuni Buddha.


  1. NST and sgi doesn't just look at the NST and sgi literature but nobody knows what its talking about you have to see behind the sentence

    1. "NST and sgi doesn't just look at the NST and sgi literature but nobody knows what its talking about..."

      That seems to be the whole point, which is directly opposite of Nichiren's writings that are clearly stated and referenced appropriately. Not believing what Nichiren stated with clarity and conviction is tantamount to *missing the whole point".

  2. Did Nichiren say you have to see behind the sentence? That is the Kalama Sutra, a provisional teaching.

  3. Only Nikko knew what his mentor meant. Nichirens mission was to reveal that an ordinary person could attain enlightenment in this lifetime. He wasn't able reveal that he attained Buddhahood a long time ago because he wasn't promoting cultivation process of Shakyamuni Buddhism that everyone was familiar with but but rather a process that gives direct enlightenment that involves the simultaneity of cause and effect that isn't bound by Shakyamuni space time cultivation that everyone was familiar with

    More than likely he was Shakyamuni's teacher in a previous life and before that Shakyamuni was Nichirens teacher and it goes on and on.

    Just read the Ongi Kuden with an open mind putting your prejudices aside then you may understand the 3 bodied Tathagata.

    How could anyone believe Nichiren is only a messenger when he inscribed Gohonzons that lets ordinary mortals enter the Buddha realm...the eternal unchanging "Now" that has no beginning or end that permeates all existence

  4. "Only Nikko knew what his mentor meant. Nichirens mission was to reveal that an ordinary person could attain enlightenment in this lifetime. "

    This teaching IS the Lotus Sutra-- pre-dating Nichiren by 2200 years--or so. The Lotus Sutra had been discarded- hardly anyone considered it suitable for practice, or beneficial, certainly NOT a pathway to Buddhahood. Nichiren's "mission" was to propagate the Lotus Sutra in the age when it was about to become completely lost, or so he stated baking up his assertions with text from Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra.

    The "means" for propagating the LS, only teaching that could benefit those born in the Latter Day was discovered in the Lotus Sutra before Nichiren's time-- T'ien T'ai knew of it, but did not preach it. Why? He believed the LS, having the wisdom to discern it's superiority, and therefore did not violate the Buddha Shakyamuni's admonitions regarding "The Correct Time for widespread propagation".

    I can't find references in the LS that "predict the advent of a Buddha in the Latter Day of the Law , who will preach a (new?) teaching that surpasses Shakyamuni's LS. Can you substantiate the prediction of "new Buddha- new teaching" making his appearance in the in the fifth five hundred years after Shakyamuni's passing?

    Question: IF such a prediction is not found in the LS, and adherence to calling Nichiren the Original Buddha remains steadfast, then the Lotus Sutra is NOT, in fact, a perfect teaching suitable for the Latter Day--, SO, WHY would the Original Buddha choose an incomplete, imperfect teaching to "follow", teach and propagate???

    Hint: Can't be expedient means, because these are discarded, not beneficial, actually detrimental in the Latter Day... (per the teaching Nichiren will reveal from the depths of the LS)


  5. "More than likely he was Shakyamuni's teacher in a previous life and before that Shakyamuni was Nichirens teacher and it goes on and on."

    For the sake of establishing a reasonable argument that supports what is written in the LS, and Nichiren's writings, (Bodhisattva Superior Practices/ NOT original buddha)-- let's assume Nichiren was Shakyamuni's teacher in a previous life and the Original Buddha, appearing 2200 hundred years after his disciple, Shakyamuni's death--.

    1) The Lotus Sutra is still undeniably Shakyamuni's teaching. When Nichiren declares it supreme amongst all sutras and begins to teach the daimoku, the 5 characters that make up the title of each of the 28 chapters in Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra, he incurs animosity and disdain from those who should appreciate his *discovery*, and instead of praise, persecutions, increasing in severity are the *effects* Nichiren receives.

    Not only does Nichiren share in his writings/teachings for his disciples, that these persecutions were predicted in the LS, he explains that he, Nichiren is experiencing the retribution for his own past sins of slander of the LS-- and vows to continue rebuking slander of the Law, even if it costs him his life-- (and sure enough, just as Shakyamuni predicted, HIS, Nichiren's persecutions would be even more severe than those suffered-- during the Buddha Shakyamuni's lifetime.

    2) Worse persecutions for propagating the True Law and rebuking slander of it = worse karmic retribution for many more lifetime's worth of racking up sins of slander--

    SO FAR, Nichiren does not look, sound or act much like a Buddha-. Certainly bears no resemblance to the unsurpassed teacher of "the way"-All the while it is becoming obvious that Nichiren is "on to something", but only to those who believe what Shakyamuni taught in the Lotus Sutra, and are close enough to see that Nichiren is indeed fulfilling the Buddha's prophesies. Nichiren however, far from tooting his own horn, consistently referencing the Buddha Shakyamuni whom he, Nichiren praises and worships.

    Question: What is Nichiren's conspicuous benefit for his veneration of Shakyamuni? Or rather, what actual proof does Nichiren ascribe to his "correct faith and correct practice" of Shakyamuni's highest teaching?

    Answer: He perceives that the daimoku (title of all chapters of the LS) is the practice of the Law for the Latter Day, and he finds the object of worship, hidden in the depths of the Juryo Chapter

    There is nothing new about the teachings Nichiren propagated. -- He added nothing new to the Lotus Sutra, always claiming it was perfect, "as is"--

    Nichiren is not simply a messenger, he is a teacher, whose practice is superior to any Bodhisattva that preceded him-- because it is based on the Lotus Sutra.

    Question: What special attribute, or perfect wisdom did Nichiren employ to determine the Lotus Sutra was the highest teaching, the Ultimate Truth?

    Answer : Nichiren believed the golden words of the Buddha Shakyamuni-

    AS a young priest studying diligently to discern which sutra amongst the Buddha's teachings was the highest, Nichiren determined that Shakyamuni was THE Buddha to believe, follow and worship...


  6. I cannot seem to combine what "I get" from your impressions and what I believe is the most important point-- not in mere words, anyway, but I do think there is merit in what you are saying-- Hope this visual helps to "say what I mean":

    The song "Take Me To Church" is "the message"
    Hozier is the artist/ creator of the song.
    Hoosier studied with teachers/mentors to develop and hone his art.
    Sergei Polunin expresses the "message" through dance
    Sergei studied ballet with the *best* teachers, then quit the Royal Ballet
    to forge his own unique style.
    Credits also go to the director of the video, the cinematographer - YouTube-- et ALL are messengers, expressing their individual skill which resulted from their diligent efforts to study and practice ...

    I think you would agree that a message that has no vehicle and no audience is worthless. I would add that each messenger is vital, irreplaceable and without question worthy of respect-- BUT--

    Should anyone else want to convey or interpret the *message* he/she feels Hozier has conveyed in this song, and publish it--He/she will first have to secure permission from Hozier. In this way, all due respects are paid to the artist/teacher-- without diminishing in the least the respect due to the messengers and their invaluable function--

    Translated for our discussion--

    In fact, you can't really separate or discriminately assign more value to any of the links between the *Buddha*, *the Buddha's messengers* and the *people*. -- Unless ALL perform at their highest level of capacity-- nothing remarkable is achieved...


  7. The Ongi Kuden AND Ongi Kikigaki are forgeries. Nikko was noone special among the Six Senior Priests. Do i have to re-post my essay proving the Ongi Kuden a forgery?