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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Eternal Savior Buddha" -- Guess who?

"The first requirement of a global citizen is to hold a view of life that respects the dignity of life, and respects the dignity of human beings. This view of life should also be supported by a cosmology with a far reaching vision. In the Life Span of the Thus Come One Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, a vast cosmology, spanning eternity is expounded using the metaphor of numberless major world system dust particle kalpas 五百塵点劫, and at the core of this cosmology lies the Eternal Buddha. The Eternal Buddha is at one with the Eternal Law, and the life of the universe itself is the manifestation of the Eternal Savior Buddha.

Secondly, based on the framework of the Eternal Savior Buddha, the mission as the “envoy of the Thus Come One, or the Bodhisattvas of the Earth who vow to spread the Buddha’s teachings after his demise is expounded...." -- Yoichi Kowada Director of the Soka Gakkai Institute of Oriental Philosophy and very top SGI leader. 

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