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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Excellent observation Noel!

THE Japanese Government wants Australia to explain why it decided not to pick a Japanese design for a new fleet of submarines, choosing instead a proposal from France’s DCNS, after the country was an early favorite to win.

"The decision was deeply regrettable,” said Japan Defence Minister Gen Nakatani. 

“We will ask Australia to explain why they didn’t pick our design.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday announced that French company DCNS had won a $50 billion contract to build 12 new submarines for Australia.

Construction will largely take place in Adelaide, at the ASC shipyards and create thousands of jobs.

Australian officials informed Japan of its choice on Monday, explaining that the French design best fitted its unique needs, Nakatani said. - Herald Sun

The French have created good karma for keeping SGI under their control they deserve the contract. SGI, Mitsubishi, Komeito and the Liberal Democratic Party, are pretty pissed off loosing the 50 Bill contract. Serves them bloody right for being such a bunch of deceitful bastards



    Even former Soka Gakkai Staff are pissed of for the way they changed Article 9 of the constitution. It happened so fast because they thought they had the $50B submarine contract in the bag over a hand shake with our former inept Prime minister.

    This would of been huge for SGI, Mitsubishi, Komeito and the Liberal Democratic Party, but now they have much explaining to do in why they were so inept in meeting our criteria for the project to their countrymen that were mostly against the changing of article by trickery in the first place

  2. Their heads are being split into seven pieces.