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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Impassioned support for Bernie Sanders

Comment by JD:

"None of the candidates are electable on a national scale that favor the wealthy except for possibly Trump. 

There is one candidate who has a HISTORY of being electable based upon his honesty... Sanders. Period. This can easily be searched and researched, and is not at all arguable . Unfortunately, due to the lack of an education, the dumbing down of this country, many throw out the term "socialist" and yet are clueless as to what that means. I would guess 95% of this country has no idea what a "socialist" is, and in fact most equate it with communism, which is ludicrous. Sanders is NOT either. 

We have Medicare (a form of socialism), Social Security (a form of socialism) and a tax system and tax code (a form of socialism for the wealthy, wall street and corporate America). We have large corporations and small companies in this country based upon socialism (employee owned). The fact is, democratic socialism is everywhere in this country and around the world. They go hand in hand and work well together when devoid of the mindless blather of two corrupt political parties who seek to enrich themselves and cement their foothold in the govt. over working to protect and better this country for all citizens. Only in the past 50 years has this govt. and country become so decisive that they have fought to distance our country from the two (democracy and socialism). 

The points in this country's history when we were most successful, when business and people all thrived, when this country was most productive, have been when we had a govt. capable and willing to work together, making decisions that were based upon the ability to solve a problem and not upon what ideology was involved. That is a major reason this govt. has come to a literal standstill. You people have voted for and supported people in both parties who have divided this country on purpose. 

The bottom line in this election is this... Sanders is the ONLY candidate NOT bought and paid for and it scares the hell out of Democrats and Congress and Wall Street because for them, it means the party is over. It certainly scares the hell out of Hillary because she can only watch as her desired base of young voters and middle class working Americans have left her and continue to leave her. She has become unelectable on a national basis, as it should be. In fact, the party would be over for every member of both parties because both parties are so absolutely corrupt and rely upon the power and $$ provided them by Wall Street and corporate America. When you have millionaires and billionaires now stating they AGREE that the tax system is one sided in their favor, AGREE their taxes should be raised and loopholes eliminated for the sake of the country's fiscal sanity, and yet you have BOTH parties wanting to protect these same people... you should KNOW there is a problem in Washington. 

It's corruption. There is not a single member of either party willing to go to the extreme of re-writing the tax code, changing the tax system, eliminate campaign contributions America's open system of bribes), and eliminate if not outlaw lobbyists. Not one! Except Bernie Sanders. 

Sanders is simply the only honest individual running. Period. Why in God's name would you support anyone who is KNOWN to be corrupt, who has a record in office of corruption, who is willing to accept millions in bribes annually under the guise of "donations" and "campaign contributions"? Seriously... the people of this country have the opportunity to vote for a new direction based upon honesty. or continue the direction we are now headed based upon corruption, lies and deceit. The very fact there remain millions of Americans who would vote for Clinton, possibly the most corrupt and deceitful person who has run for this office in years, possibly ever, a person who is under investigation to be indicted by the FBI and federal govt., is truly amazing. It certainly says a lot about the lack of education and intelligence of Americans. 

I have been a registered Independent and prior a registered Libertarian for many years, but the system and the people that have been elected have so changed this country and this govt. that even I will admit something must drastically change. And the change MUST be based upon honesty in govt., and involve someone who advocates an honest approach to govt. and a way to return this govt. to "we the people". 

"Stupid is as stupid does."

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