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Sunday, April 24, 2016

In SGI ONLY daddy Daisaku can be your mentor

World tribune, 9-15-00:

"One of the things we hear in the SGI is that we should reply to President Ikeda's expectations. As children, we strive to live up to our parents' expectations, to reply to their love for us. If we are lucky enough to have teachers who care, we strive to live up to their expectations. In becoming adults, we leave the realm of our parents' expectations. Once we leave the realm of our parents' expectations, whose expectations do we live up to? Our own? Our friends? We tend to set our expectations just within the limits of our comfort zone and do not realize our own potential or genius. It is the mentor who sees the greatness in us that we don't see ourselves..." 
and further down... 

"In The Human Revolution, the character Shin'ichi Yamamoto, representing a young President Ikeda, left the realm of his father's expectations and entered into that of his mentor in life, Josei Toda. As depicted in the book, Toda visits Shin'ichi's father one day and asks, "Will you entrust Shin'ichi to me?" After contemplating Toda's character, and acknowledging Shin'ichi's feelings for Toda, his father consents. Toda exclaims: "How splendid! I, Toda, will be entirely responsible for Shin'ichi. Please set your mind to rest" and guess who that mentor is who will replace *your* father... 

"But we are all comrades in faith, standing shoulder to shoulder, not front to back, following our mentor, President Ikeda, not one another." 


  1. Nichiren and Shakyamuni Buddha would be mortified.

  2. So long as Nichiren is believed to be the "Original Buddha"-- those believers will seek understanding and reassurance from "the one" lib=ving amongst us, who 'looks like' he knows "they way" ---

    Nichiren's writings, teachings-- his life as the example-- made all this middle man stuff obsolete-- ALL of it-- Keeping the truth of our connection with Nichiren from members is the only way a mentor or a priest can maintain control-- and make a living doing the most unnecessary job on the planet--


  3. Were it merely unnecessary and not harmful to the extreme, they might even be forgiven for their transgressions.