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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lokesh Chandra Master of Hyperbole

"President Ikeda is the culmination of the trinity of the Lotus Sutra."

"The Daisensei is the dynamic enlightenment of life" 

"Woh bhagwan ke avatar hain, He [Prime Minister Modi] is reincarnation of God)"

"from a practical point of view he [Modi] supercedes the Mahatma."


  1. Never heard of "The Trinity of the Lotus Sutra" -- and never heard of a single person who slandered the Lotus Sutra and attained enlightenment . However , the Gosho contains many stories about arrogant false sages who fell into ruin and suffered for influencing others to discard the Lotus Sutra.


  2. False sages wearing clothing of patched rags [Armani suits].