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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Low down double dealers by Greg Romero

"Chanting nam myoho renge kyo is not beseeching an outside force for solutions but a means to muster our inner resources to meet life head on. It's an act of praising our own inner Buddhahood, or enlightened state, and causing it to come forth. Rather than begging or wishing, we chant with a strong determination or vow that we will solve our problems, make our dreams come true and fulfill our mission as Bodhisavattas of the Earth. ............the quotable nichiren, p168.

Regarding this passage, Greg comments...

"My point exactly Mark/Katie. the way it is expressed in the SGI calendar makes it seem that this is an exact quote from Nichiren. SGI breeds phonies and liars and the brain-dead members think nothing of it. The person who sent it to me is a long time member/leader. I will send her my reply here, plus an admonishment. However, I have no hope that it will open her eyes. low-down double dealing. Pathetic.

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