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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nichiren "Shingon" Shoshu

48. [In the Soka Gakkai,] they say, "Even as far as the contents of the bequeathal of the lifeblood are concerned, right now the transfer documents have been made public to the outside world, so there are no doctrines transmitted to only the High Priest." (Seikyo Shimbun, 9/8/93) Is this true? 

Contemptuous of the truth, the Soka Gakkai cynically put forth this view to deny the "bequeathal of the lifeblood received by only a single person." High Priest Nikken Shonin, teaching about the bequeathal, stated: 

"The 'bequeathal of the Golden Utterance to the direct successors' actually includes the entire bequeathal. Part of it exists as the golden writings in the form of the Minobu and Ikegami 'Two Bequeathals.' It also indicates the contents of the Golden utterance that have been left over time in the form of the golden writings." (Dai-Nichiren, No. 560, p. 19) 

He cites as proof the instructions from the Masters in the "Kechu Sho (The Internals of Nichiren Shoshu)": "Speaking in terms of the specific, it is a doctrine consisting of twelve items." (Seiten, p. 695) He makes clear the existence of these golden writings. 

Of course, since these are secret transmissions received by only a single person, there is no reason to expect that we would understand their contents. Fifty-sixth High Priest Nichio Shonin as well stated, "Even at the time of Kosen-rufu, the specific lifeblood bequeathal documents are not to be perused by others." (Research and Education Books, Vol. 27, p. 456) He instructs us that the specific bequeathal of the entity of the Law is a secret transmission which others are not permitted to peruse. We must obediently receive the High Priest's instruction, which accords with the times, and advance in the faith and practice of the attainment of Buddhahood. 

Those not included in the specific bequeathal of the entity of the Law must strictly refrain from arbitrarily commenting upon it. [c. 1996, Nichiren Shoshu Temple]

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  1. The secrets, power, and control of the Nichiren Shoshu or the transparency and absolute freedom of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism?