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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nikken was right!

Nikken concluded that the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary is Counterfeit

If the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church were to make a statement to deny the existence of Jesus Christ, the magnitude of the shock to the world would truly be unimaginable. Even if fabricated, a story that a high priest of a religious sect to deny the core of its own teaching of his school would be so outrageous that no sane person would believe it to be true.

But this outrageous and unthinkable actually happened for one religious sect. A shocking fact recently revealed that Nikken, who has completely deviated from the correct teaching of Nichiren Daishonin, continuing his deluded run of heresy finally made a statement to deny the core teaching of the school. This fact was made public by a publication called Domei Tsushin (Association Bulletin) dated July 7, 1999, published by the Association of Priests Concerned About the Reality of Nichiren Shoshu, Dedicated to Protecting the Law (Yushu Goho Doumei). The article reported that during the meeting between Jitoku Kawabe (Nisho-ji temple, Hokkaido) and Nikken on February 7, 1978 at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Nikken made a statement that “The Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of True Buddhism” is “counterfeit.

This report is not a rumor of sorts nor speculation. In fact, Kawabe's own hand-written memo was made public as well. Kawabe is well known among the priesthood as being fanatic in his obsession for taking notes. Kawabe always kept records of every important secret meeting that Nikken had by being near him at the time. It was this memo of Kawabe that became the important evidence to prove the existence of now famous Nikken's “Operation C”, a plan to excommunicate the Soka Gakkai. One can see in this memo in question that is pictured here that facts are well formatted in bullet style that can only be organized in this fashion by those who are experienced at note taking.

It records the contents such as “TheGohonzon of the High Sanctuary of TrueBuddhism is counterfeit. “I discovered this through various forms of graphology (such as examining the brush strokes of the Chinese characters). “There is evidence that on the Gohonzon conferred upon Nichizen that someone copied part of this Gohonzon.

Immediately after “the Kawabe notes” were made public, the priesthood issued two “Notices” with great anxiety. However, instead of clearing the doubts surrounding Nikken, the contents of these notices provided stronger grounds to prove that Nikken is lying once again.

For example, the notification from the priesthood had in fact verified that the “notes” in question belong to Kawabe. And it further verified that it was Nikken himself who made the statement to conclude that the Dai-Gohonzon is conterfeit. The Minobu-related schools have long been advocating heresies alleging their doubt in the veritability of the Dai-Gohonzon. However, Nikken's statement which question the authenticity of the Dai-Gohonzon as detailed in Kawabe's notes is unprecedented for it differs from all previous allegations set forth by other schools. Implication is that this is a grave and unique aberrant doctrine advocated and entertained only by Nikken.

This memo proves that Nikken is the “monster of destruction of the True Law” and that he has destroyed the very core teaching of the school. He is not qualified to speak on behalf of Nichiren Shoshu, and furthermore this note has proven that Nikken is truly the founder of a heretical school of his own, the Nikken Sect.

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