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Sunday, April 24, 2016

No mentor, master, nor living teacher is necessary according to Nichiren

"This is what the Lotus Sutra means when it says, “This is what is called observing the precepts.” The Reverend Annen in his On the Universally Bestowed Bodhisattva Precepts states: “The Lotus Sutra is saying that those who are capable of preaching the Lotus Sutra deserve to be called observers of the precepts.” That is, such persons do not, as described in the sutras prior to the Lotus Sutra, have to observe the precepts under the supervision of a teacher. They have only to put their faith in this sutra to become observers of the precepts."


  1. The Buddha has constantly warned us, saying that, no matter how great an observer of the precepts one may be, no matter how lofty in wisdom and well versed in the Lotus Sutra and the other scriptures, if one sees an enemy of the Lotus Sutra but fails to rebuke and denounce him or report him to the ruler of the nation, instead keeping silent out of fear of others, then one will invariably fall into the great citadel of the hell of incessant suffering.

    Suppose, by way of analogy, that one commits no treasonable act oneself, but knows of someone who is plotting treason. If one fails to inform the ruler, then one is guilty of the same crime as the person who is plotting treason. nichiren

  2. Last year I was working at the Gold Coast Dharma Realm branch, doing ecological restoration on their vast property that is Native Bushland that was over run buy exotic plant species endangering the native Flora and Fauna habitat. I cleaned up most the property during the months I was there and taught them that there is a difference between a exotic weed species and Australian Plants, pitty I couldnt have done the same with provisional pre lotus Sutra and essential teachings of the Lotus Sutra even though I had some lengthy discussions about it with the the Abbot of the Monastry that I was becoming friends with

    Every six months they have the taking of the the precepts ceremony for those aspiring to the sangha.

    I spoke to a girl who wanted me to take the 5 precepts. I told her that I answer to my conscience and that I didn't think it was necessary because no one could escape the eternal cycle of birth and that it was a waste of time trying to escape to a Amida's Pureland

    Any way as you could imagine I received a phone call latter that day from the Temple saying my services would no longer required.

    I was actually relieved that i didn't need to go back a heaviness lifted off me as being amoungst them made me feel like I was starting to loose my strength mentally and physically. So I have stayed away even though I have received invites to return.

    It is their show and because if I remain quiet about my beliefs in a group discussion I start to feel sick. They are seeking sangha not someone who will challenge there beliefs . There is a proper time and place for that.