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Monday, April 18, 2016

SGI leaders are pernicious and malevolent

Many SGI members and every leader above Chapter Chief are pernicious. Initially, they may be absolutely sincere with the most noble of intentions but they are sincerely wrong and therefore do irreparable damage. It is said, the road to hell is paved with the best intentions: For years ecologists and conservationists have been adopting wild land fire prevention strategies that have led to the biggest proliferation of forest fires in history; doctors over prescribing antibiotics in their desire to alleviate suffering has led to antibiotic resistant bacteria that threatens not only the most seriously ill hospitalized patients but the general public; the addition of MTBE [now outlawed] to gasoline to diminish air pollution has led to widespread water pollution; the addition of aggressive non-native species to fix various ecological imbalances have led to ecological disasters; the overuse of pesticides and ever more powerful fertilizers to increase crop yields have led to ever increasing oceanic dead zones...the list goes on and on. We might be able to overlook the behaviors of SGI members were they unaware of their grievous principles and practices. However, most leaders and many members, thanks to the internet, are aware of their misdeeds and demonstrate an unwillingness to change. SGI leaders are not only pernicious but malevolent.

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