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Monday, April 4, 2016

SGI sttorney leader or Nichiren priest

Paul Wersant attorney and SGI leader: [who would like nothing better than for me to stop my internet activities]: Mark is disobeying Rev. Kubota who asked him to stop his internet activities [a lie] following the suicide of Kyoko Thompson. Are you going to obey your priest Mark?  

Me: I think the SGI needs more attorneys. They are much more honest, knowledgeable, and compassionate, than those stodgy, old, know nothing, priests like Reverend Kubota and Shinkei Marcheso. 


  1. There is something very disconcerting about this. The SGI needs to hire attorneys to threaten those who challenge their adherence to the teachings that afford SGI its claim to religious perks in society??

    I mean really-- Think about that. Secular law isn't even a face card in the hand that wields true power in the Universe. SGI is making the best case against themselves.


  2. They repeatedly trot out, "the purpose of the Buddha's advent lies in his behavior as a human being" when reproaching others while failing to see their slanderous selves [because they lack a clear mirror].