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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

You are so blind that you can’t see your life dripping with irony and hypocrisy.

SGI Chapter Chief writes to Conservative Patriot and Non-Apologist from Cali:

“You don’t need to worry about such leaders. Simply determine not to be like them.” What I wouldn’t do is start a telephone book sized blog crying to any and all who will listen. You are a narcissistic cry-baby who will immediately deny that you ever did anything wrong and that it is ALWAYS the fault of others when you feel slighted or hurt, aren’t you now?"

"WOW! These events happened 15+ years ago and you’re STILL hanging onto them? I rest my case….you’re wasting so much valuable time in your life dealing with this to this day. Why not instead put your amazing programming and web/blog creation skills to use in areas of new interest that are vital to the future of America? And find some peace for yourself."

"Stop bleeding all over the internet you pathetic loser."


"My goodness. How much pain are you going to nurse??? Holding on to so much pain is like cuddling a cactus. It’ll feel really good when you let go of it."

My respo
nse: Why is SGI always crying about Taisekeji, it has been over 21 years? Why don’t you move on with the spirit of honin-myo [beginning from this moment on]? It's in the past. Why are you blaming others and the environment while holding on to such pain and bleeding all over the internet [and in every corner of the world through your mentor's books and writings about the "evil priests"]. You are cuddling a great white in one hand and a viper in the other whose names are Nichikan and Ikeda. Nichikan is the shark in the sea of suffering and Ikeda is the snake in the flowerbed of the Lotus. You are so blind that you can’t see your life dripping with irony and hypocrisy. The reasons you are blind is your mistaken object of worship and following a bad teacher.

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