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Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Shoot through the DaiGohonzon straight to President Ikeda's heart!".

The "GREAT" Ted Osaki's guidance.


  1. one of the last times i spoke with osaki(circa 1987), i asked him if acquiring accolades and awards was important in the practice of buddhism? his reply to me was that it was not important and would be considered a shallow practice. i replied , why then does ikeda seek them and why does the sgi give so many awards out at big meetings? he responded by getting pissed off. some years later, i heard he was riddled with cancer. today, by many of the braindead, he is considered a great leader. *&^%@#? not.

  2. just sayin': i left sgi in late 1987. at that time i was told by a few highest level leaders that i would probably lose all my fortune and most likely would get cancer. osaki was a nice man but, he followed the wrong person(ikeda). too bad.