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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Thank you Ivan for posting my favorite daily guidance of Sensei." -- Helen Chinberg SGI leader

"Buddhism is a battle against devils and obstacles. You can defeat them only with the power of strong daimoku. Having an accident shows that you have been defeated by devils. So, when you meet with an accident, you should take a strict look at yourself." -- Daisaku Ikeda

Helen Chinberg SGI Area leader says, "Thank you Ivan for posting my favorite daily guidance of Sensei." 

Reading this guidance by Daisaku Ikeda, I couldn't help thinking about one of the top SGI senior leaders in New York whose car was run over by a snow plow in the 80's. He died after many agonizing hours in the hospital. Surely, he was defeated by devils by Ikeda's reasoning. I wonder if at the last moment he took Ikeda's guidance to heart, "I must have really slandered, I've been defeated by devils." 


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  2. nonsense dressed up as profundity for the unthinking, simpering masses and presented as buddhisic philosophy that is beyond their capacities to fathom.

    Why do they put up with this stuff? Why did we?!? People - The Emperor is NOT wearing a suit made of cloth so fine it's shimmering translucence is a marvel to behold. NOR is its texture so sleek that it's gossamer slides through one's hands with a frictionless glide. Guru Ike is just naked, there's nothing there!

    Let's enjoy a bit of real substance and a truly fine Dharma suit shall we? This is Nichiren on life's ever changing, dependently originated transience:

    "It's impossible to fathom one's karma" and "Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy. Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life, and continue chanting Namu myoho renge kyo, no matter what happens. How could this be anything other than the boundless joy of the Law?"

    Let's remember:

    Hand broken, slashed across the forehead by a sword, hit in the face by a Sutra scroll, ambushed, fleeing angry pent up mobs, exiled twice and almost beheaded.

    Boy we can just imagine what Guru Ike would have made of that! Massed devil defeat!!!

    No doubt Guru Ike's guidance would have been: "Chant harder Nichi, do more activities for Stratospheric Greed Industries and above all increase your donations to..." (a hushed quiet falls across the hall as ranks of rapt expectant faces look up to 'he of the white sofa' on the podium above them and hang in his every word)..."THE ONLY legitimate ORG. to ever have graced the planet (drum roll, piped bands and bag pipes - wait for it, wait for it...) the redoubtable, the totally unaccountable, the pure(ile), lurid, unashamedly hyperbolic, the ecstatic, frenzied, creepy and secretly hedonistic... the ONE, the ONLY, the SGI" (translates as Serve Guru Ike or simply Guru Ike's Tax Free Fund). (Ecstatic applause, "Hi, Hi, Hi," time for a victory V, a strut and maybe if you're all very, very good, adoring children, Guru Ike will perform one of his not so infrequent, posturing fan dances, then you can sing him a song - the latter only if you are extra, extra good and very, very, extra adoring - or you won't be allowed to).

    Any sane person faced with the above...

    ..."just exile me please! Now!!!"...

    Buyer beware SGI = Sane Go Insane - risk factors, length of exposure and degree of absorption. Treatment Place victim in recovery position (upright in front of the correct object of worship), dose of correct faith & practice until circulation returns. Bathe affected parts with the cool, clear water of the pure Law. Expose victim to plenty of fresh air, good humour and encouragement until consciousness returns.

    Post exposure nausea may develop and persist for a while, this is perfectly normal and a healthy sign that the poison is leaving the victims system. A complete recovery is common for most and relapse is unlikely in these cases. However, for some relapse is possible, watch out for tell tale signs - mentor pics, unquestioning obedience, recitation of really mediocre Japanese HiKu, vacant fixed smiles, illicit copies of verbose, unread peace proposals that are couched in excessively flowery and meaninglessly lofty language that are stashed under the bed (or other hiding places) coupled with delusions of being on a mission to save the world...

    More serious symptoms come in the form of a vehement insistence that SGI is run for any other purpose than to generate profits for Simply Greedy Individuals by using Sucker Ganjin Indoctrination methods that Sow Generalised Insecurity amongst the gullible, misguidedly sincere, vulnerable or simply hapless...

  3. You're being harsh Mudpie.........NOT. Anyway, I'm quite ill and I don't know if i will even wake up in the morning. Do me a favor, if something should happen to me, please take over for me. Email me and I will give you the sign-in info.

  4. Not to worry anyone too much, I'm still working a grueling 40 hour week but i am quite ill with a chronic possibly fatal illness. I'm 61 like Nichiren.

  5. "Before, I had thought that your sincerity was just an ordinary matter, but now, for the first time, I have sensed the depth of your faith. If anything should happen to you, just as the moon emerges to shine in the dark night, so the five characters of Myoho-renge-kyo will appear as a moon for you."

    "It is due to the blessings obtained by protecting the Law, that one can diminish in this lifetime one's suffering and retribution."

    Hi Mark,
    I have been thinking about a post I read a few days ago, that I have not been able to find again. It was about the way forward, toward a unified body of believers ,that would essentially accomplish the task of creating a peaceful prosperous society -- via unity, correct faith and deep concern for others ... I may be reading more into it than what you intended to convey, but it strikes me that before this discussion takes place, all of us reading and participating here have a rare opportunity to come together to protect, encourage and support you.

    Because you display courage sharing your personal obstacle we can experience a treasure of Buddhism as a true community, embodying the spirit of "Nichiren and his followers.

    You are our invaluable, precious treasure---

    1. even buddhas get sick.

      prayers for dr. mark rogow.

  6. Hi Mark, sorry for my delay in getting back to this post.

    "I'm quite ill and I don't know if i will even wake up in the morning. Do me a favor, if something should happen to me, please take over for me. Email me and I will give you the sign-in info."

    Firstly, I sorry to hear this news, I hope your health improves and we don't lose you from this world. You've in my option made a great contribution and although I don't always agree with you, I admire your honesty, wit, knowledge commitment and encouragement. Thank you.

    I must admit I was really surprised by the invitation to take over from you should anything happen (which o hope it won't!). I had to go chant about that. Bottom line, this is not the right role for me to take on. I don't want to raise expectations or commit to something when I know that to be the case. That would not be fair on you, blog readers or for that matter me, tempting as the prospect is to get involved.

  7. Thanks all. Katie, please protect the Law and Nichiren's teachings. Your encouragement however is invaluable to me. Thanks again and again and again.

  8. Hi Mark,
    I don't think it is mere coincidence that your ordeal with more serious health related suffering has occurred in the context of the purification of the practice of three long time SGI ex-members and my efforts to awaken two active members, all arising from my encountering you at "Eagle Peak".

    My adult children, who shunned SGI of their own accord decades ago, and my two grandchildren who share our family home, have noticed the *changes* in me and our home- especially since three no-honzons were respectfully burned (by me alone) on April 7th.

    I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to have dialogue with my loved ones that finally totally separates SGI/NST from the True and profound teachings and practice of Nichiren Buddhism, which has been the answer to my deepest prayer. Of the many people who become slanderers of Nichiren's teachings as a direct result of their association with SGI/NST, those who had the *good sense* to reject SGI/NST but were unable to separate the teachings and practice with the behaviors of these wretched organizations have my deepest sympathy. I am encouraged that both of my children, have shown respect for my recent awakening; have seeking minds toward my faith and practice and, though it is not at all like them to be *esoteric*, or believers in *mystical* occurrences, have made a connection between the removal of my Nichikan no-honzon and the peaceful, comforting atmosphere in our *family home*.

    "The practice of Buddhism is always accompanied by persecutions and difficulties corresponding in severity to whichever sutra one may uphold. To practice the Lotus sutra will provoke particularly harsh persecutions. To practice as it teaches, and in accordance with the time the people's capacity, will incite truly agonizing ordeals." ("The Actions of The Votary of The Lotus Sutra")

    I am doing my best to protect the Law and Nichiren's teachings-- with a heart full of gratitude for you, and for everyone who comes here to share, teach and learn.

    I am also encountering obstacles and devils-- appreciating them from a peaceful perspective that is the great benefit of seeking to practice as Nichiren taught.

    "The sutra reads, "Before the multitude they seem possessed of the three poisons or manifest the signs of distorted views. My disciples in this manner use expedient means to save living beings." ("Flowering and Bearing Grain" )

    So much for the superficial appearance of good circumstances displayed by the SGI ! What really matters is how we view the reality of our lives.

    With my deepest appreciation!

  9. Thanks for sharing your views. They chant the Daimoku while embracing the Hinayana precepts.