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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The consequence of persisting to embrace a lie

SGI member Kitt: If your faith is wouldn't matter what the piece of paper is inside the Butsudan. As long as you continue to chant with a heart that is pure and a seeking spirit, you will continue to enlighten your life.
Mark: This is a common delusion of those who do not have a correct object of worship. However, for arguments sake, let's say this is true, at least until the practitioner becomes aware of the truth. At the stage of practice (not yet aware of the truth) your faith may remain pure regardless of the object of worship, even believing that Nichiren Daishonin is the Original Eternal Buddha. The moment that you are made aware of the truth through the Lotus Sutra, the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, through a friend, or through one's own awakening [the moment that you learn the truth that the object of worship is not a representation of Nichiren but rather the Master of Teachings Lord Shakyamuni of the Original Doctrine], should you persist in your mistaken belief, it then becomes impossible to maintain a pure faith by the principle of "two differing thoughts".

So yes, until you know the truth, you may continue to accrue merit and virtue (benefit) even with a mistaken belief or a mistaken object of worship but once you know the truth, if you persist in embracing a lie, your merits and virtue will wither and die.

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  1. I think I understand the point SGI member Kitt is trying to make, but I disagree with the conclusion.

    "SGI member Kitt: If your faith is wouldn't matter what the piece of paper is inside the Butsudan. As long as you continue to chant with a heart that is pure and a seeking spirit, you will continue to enlighten your life."

    While it is most likely true that a pure hearted person would be seeking enlightenment, as opposed to treasures of the storehouse, mind and body, those who begin their practice with the SGI, are nearly always seeking to improve their circumstances,and actually this is the SGI's method of introducing someone to daimoku and the Gohonzon-- the promise of fulfilling earthly desires.

    Nichiren states, "On the Four Stages of Faith and the Five Stages of Practice"- "Within these chapters of transmission, the four stages of faith and the five stages of practice expounded in the "Distinction in Benefits" chapter refer to what is most important in the practice of the Lotus Sutra, and are a standard for those living in the time of the Buddha and after his passing." (WND vol 1, p. 783)
    "Ching-His writes, "To produce even a single moment of belief and understanding represents the beginning in the practice of the essential teachings." Of these various stages, the first four stages of faith are intended for those living in the Buddha's lifetime, and the five stages of practice, for those living after his passing. Among these, the first of the four stages of faith is that of producing even a single moment of belief and understanding, and the first of the five stages of practice is that of rejoicing on hearing the Lotus Sutra."

    SGI member Kitt is claiming pure faith is key---but in the Latter Day, the first stage of practice is "rejoicing on hearing the Law"-- and since SGI teaches the attainment of conspicuous benefit, a new member's rejoicing is the world of rapture/heaven. Fulfillment of earthly desires then, becomes the foundation for *faith*--

    This becomes even more confusing when this incorrect practice is reinforced by teachings, like; "Earthly Desires are Enlightenment"- The member believes he/she is attaining enlightenment through the practice of chanting for conspicuous benefit and then becomes more dependent on leaders who teach various strategies for "getting what you are chanting for"-- So this is a practice that creates defiled faith, or rather, reliance on fulfilled desires for the experience of *rapture*, which is mistaken for "enlightenment"-- producing erroneous views.

    So at what point does a SGI member actually develop "faith that is pure"? The odds are slim and none-- because those with pure hearts and seeking spirits are going to find it impossible to *arouse faith from hearing the Law and the True Teachings* in SGI where daimoku is abbreviated, and the True Teachings pertaining specifically to "beginners to the practice of the Lotus Sutra" are disregarded.

    "In describing the the first, second and third of the five stages of practice, the Buddha restricts those at these stages from practicing precepts and meditation, and places all emphasis upon the single factor of wisdom, making this single word 'faith' the foundation. Disbelief is the cause for becoming an icchantica and for slander of the Law, while faith is the cause for wisdom and corresponds to the stage of hearing the name and words of the truth."

    Odds are against any SGI member, developing pure faith, as they all receive no-honzon and "guidance" to increase their financial fortune thru making $$ contributions at the stage of practice when these *precepts* are restricted.