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Saturday, April 9, 2016

"The meaning of these words in the Lotus Sutra is shiningly clear."

"...Sakyamuni Buddha is the supreme leader and excellent eyes for all the people. He is the bridge that enables them to cross the river of evil passions; he is the skipper who guides them over the sea of life and death; and he is the fertile field in which they plant the seed of merits...The meaning of these words in the Lotus Sutra is shiningly clear -- brighter than the sun in the blue sky and the full moon at midnight. Look up and put your faith in it. Prostrate yourself before it and think hard about it." -- Opening of the Eyes

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  1. It is crystal clear that a priestly class, temples and brass band parades are unnecessary, expensive accessories - with emphasis on *unnecessary*-- not needed for one to develop correct faith and practice the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin.

    And there's the problem that is not unlike what psychiatry is facing in America., in the wake of scandalous revelations about pseudo science and non-medical, unsubstantiated stigmatizing labels that have made pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists very wealthy, while causing great harms to vulnerable people, we have begun questioning the need for-- and the tolerance of psychiatrists. When humanistic alternatives are proving more beneficial to people suffering severe mental states-- it is harder to justify the expense and the risk of psychiatry. yet is proving extremely difficult to convince psychiatrists to give up their power, status and wealth in our society....

    When the message is clear and the information is sound, the lack of response has something to do with money-- whatever they are quibbling about, they are really talking about money---.