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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"They have forgotten the Right Law, and preferred the teaching which is by no means orthodox."

"There are also those who appeared to believe in Nichiren but began doubting when they saw him persecuted. They have not only forsaken the Lotus Sutra but actually think themselves wise enough to instruct Nichiren. The pitiful thing is that these perverse people must suffer in the depths of hell even longer than the Nembutsu believers. Ashura contended that the Buddha had only eighteen sensory functions but that he himself had nineteen. Brahmans claimed that the Buddha offered only one way to enlightenment but that they had ninety-five. In the same way, the renegade disciples say that although Priest Nichiren is their master, he is too strict, and they will spread the Lotus Sutra in a more tender way. In so asserting, they are being as ridiculous as fireflies laughing at the sun and moon, an anthill belittling Mount Hua, small inlets despising the boundless sea, or a magpie mocking the Chinese phoenix."(Reply to Nichigon the Nun)

"Now when I, Nichiren, consider the matter, I find that in addition to the above passage of the Lotus Sutra, the Nirvana Sutra states, "If there are those who conceive differing ideas concerning the three treasures, then truly you should know that these people can no longer hope to take refuge in or rely upon these three pure treasures. They will be unable to uphold any of the precepts, and, in the end, they will be unable to obtain the fruits of the voice-hearer, the cause-awakened one or the bodhisattva. This passage is clearly referring to [the essential point of the Juryo chapter of the Lotus Sutra. It subsequently likens the Juryo chapter to a tree, and the pre-Lotus Sutra teachings and the theoretical teaching, to its shade.' Other sutra passages also employ this metaphor. They teach that the benefits of the five periods and eight teachings, of the teachings that are still in a certain dimension and that extend beyond,' and of the Mahayana and Hinayana, are all like shade, while the doctrine of the essential teaching is like a tree. They also teach that the benefits gained from the teachings expounded before the Juryo chapter by those who lived during the Buddha's lifetime are like a tree's shade in the darkness, for such benefits were obtainable only by those who had already heard the Juryo chapter in prior existences!

As for your contention that disbelief does not in itself constitute slander, or your claim that those who disbelieve will not necessarily fall into hell, the fifth volume of the Lotus Sutra states, "If with regard to this sutra, if one should harbor doubt and fail to believe, he will fall at once into the evil paths."'(The Third Doctrine Gosho).

"For the past several decades many people have been deceived. They have misunderstood the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha. They have forgotten the Right Law, and preferred the teaching which is by no means orthodox." (Rissho Ankoku Ron, Page 20, Translated by Senchu Murano) 

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