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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

When will the top leaders give a rats ass about you Joe?

How is your career going Joe? Your hopes and dreams for the new business? Maybe SGI will appoint you to be the the first gaijin vice president and will give you a quarter million dollar starting salary. At least for that money you can enjoy an upscale lifestyle before sinking into Avici hell [for your zealous defense of the corrupt and lame SGI and its distorted doctrines]. How many others have given up everything for the Gakkai and sunk into deep regret? I can think of a dozen people, at least. Then there are the chosen few who are on the fast track to Gakkai stardom. They are told to resign their positions and curtail their activities and go for it, to study and work real hard in the secular realm and really shoot for the brass ring. You haven't yet received this guidance Joe? How old are you Joe, 47? When will the top leaders give a rats ass about you?

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