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Sunday, May 22, 2016

"AIDS isn't a problem it's an opportunity." -- SGI teaching

Some proof the SGI has brainwashed people: 

Seemingly intelligent and accomplished people, professionals etc. seeking personal guidance from uneducated and ignorant rabble like Mr. Kasahara, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; Believing that lying is ok as long as the goals of SGI are met. SGI practice thus leads to moral bankruptcy which is readily apparent to everyone except the sgi member himself. 

Anecdotal evidence that members are unable to see reality as it is: 

The SGI has an old saying, "AIDS isn't a problem it's an opportunity." Reality is, first you tackle the problem and then rejoice. This is the natural order of things. We do not practice Hinduism, bliss, bliss, joy, joy. We practice the exalted teachings of Buddha and Nichiren. First you pull out the arrow then you heal. "Joy of joys, I have an arrow in my chest" is not Buddhism. Look for some authentic statues or pictures of Buddha and Nichiren. They were dead serious. They weren't Lamas or $GI senior leaders giggling at a bad joke. 

One day, I was walking in the street after having done several hours of Daimoku and I was, as we used to say in the SGI, lit up. I met an old SGI "friend" of mine, a high level leader who was glaring at me as all my old SGI friends who know my opinions are want to do. I said hi. He said, "Mark, you appear so unhappy since you left the SGI." My heart really went out to this person and even though I don't usually invite "insane" people to my house to learn about Nichiren's true Lotus Sutra Buddhism, I invited him so that he may have the opportunity to encounter the beautiful Nichiren practice and Nichiren Gohonzon,. He declined and told me I will fall into hell. 

Further proof of disordered thinking is that SGI members lie and oftentimes don't even know they are lying: 

Everytime an SGI member argues about SGI or Ikeda or Buddhism and even when they cite the Lotus Sutra or Gosho, he is lying about the true nature of the SGI and Buddha Shakyamuni. One who lives a lie is a perpetual liar and can expound no truths: SGI--->Ikeda; Ikeda--->Ikeda; Gosho--->Ikeda; Nam Myoho renge kyo--->Ikeda; Buddha--->Ikeda; Lotus Sutra--->Ikeda; This is implicit or implied. 

To recap, the root causes of the disordered thinking and disorganized thought in the SGI are lying, erroneous guidance on the basics of the Nichiren faith [the Three Treasures of the Lotus Sutra, for example], and the mixing of the Lotus Sutra with the unclean practices of Japanese Bushido [Master Disciple teachings]. Even teaching the SGI's mistaken views out of ignorance makes men into napalm spewing demons let alone those who know and lie intentionally (those at the top). The leaders and sycophynts in SGI thus abuse the members using both subtle and not so subtle group dynamics and brainwashing techniques. 

The SGI is not the Buddha Shakyamuni's Sangha led by Jogyo. It is Ikeda's Sangha led by Ikeda. He has not only appropriated the rightful position of the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni but also that of Bodhisattva Jogyo. Ikeda, to SGI, is the Treasure of the Buddha and the Treasure of the Sangha (or Priest) all wrapped up into one. Even the treasure of the Law is distorted with the leaders and members chanting Nam Myoho renge kyo with their mouths but Nam Ikeda Sensei with their hearts. The new members, I have been talking to, want to practice Buddhism, not Ikedaism, not Human Revolution, Value Creationism nor feel good new age mysticism. They want to learn about the Lotus Sutra and the Gosho. They yearn to connect to the Lotus Sutra and Gosho, not to President Ikeda and the Human Revolution. The subtle pressures put on the members to connect to Ikeda are nothing short of intense while the Lotus Sutra is mystified and demeaned as being too difficult to understand by lesser men than Ikeda and Toda. Then we have people with real problems, health issues, social issues who are guided by the liars and sycophants and the unenlightened worldlings in SGI who have never even read the Lotus Sutra. Those who claim to have attained what they have not, those who haven't even read the Lotus Sutra, yet claim to be reading it with their bodies. I go all over online and speak to new members. The people I speak to, the people before the guilt, propaganda, and brainwashing have set in, have myriad doubts about the SGI and then they begin to have doubts in Nichiren's teachings and I tell them to at least try and keep a modicum of faith in the Lotus Sutra: "The SGI does not chant the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra or they wouldn't behave as they do." At best, the SGI Daimoku can be called mechanical. At worst, it will destroy the teachings of the Buddha and Nichiren. The SGI is an enemy of the Buddha and the Lotus Sutra.


  1. A real opportunity for what? My two friends are dead, many leaders are dead, NST lost people, a working friend is dead, and a relative is dead. Opportunity????

  2. Sorry to hear that Anonymous. At the same time, you are exactly right.