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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

And I have complete faith and trust in turtle fur and rabbit horns

"Well it was a day full of happiness, compliments, appreciation and confidence. I can face anything in my life, as I have complete faith, trust in my God and Gohonzon and of course not to forget my darling My Sai [my savior Sensei]." -- SGI-India member Aruna


  1. Immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Print it out schlack tack a tack. Tactics words tracks...let me get back to the stack...did I just find that needle ...let me get my MOJO jack on people....

    Working from the inside unlike a steeple...cloaks words and tatics unlike facts from my heart. Again start TACKS into a panel wid my boys putting up track to inspire my small son up in the big green mountain...TACTICS from impressions presence movement PACK ed up like a year round daddy mack school unit on BLACK and Mexican stereo types going yack yack...howz I puttit

    Peace out
    SHIjo KINGO 2013

  2. I don't get your point but I'm willing to listen.