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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hitch discusses SGI abandonment by the so called Shoten Zenjin [Buddhist gods]

Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI

"In some of the Aichi 7th Peace Cultural Festival clips posted earlier in this thread, one can see Wayne Shorter performing. Upon further exploration about some of these lesser known cult "celebrities", I came across this:

"Shorter married Teruka (Irene) Nakagami, in the 1960s; they met in 1961 and later had a child, Miyako.[7] Some of his compositions are copyrighted as "Miyako Music". Shorter dedicated some pieces to his daughter: "Miyako" and "Infant Eyes". The couple separated in 1964.[8]

Shorter met Ana Maria in 1964 and they were married in 1970.[8] In 1986, their daughter Iska died of a grand mal seizure at age 14.[1] Ana Maria and the couple's niece Dalila were both killed in 1996 on TWA Flight 800 while en route to see him in Italy. Dalila was also the daughter of the jazz vocalist Jon Lucien who was married to Shorter's sister.[8] Shorter married Carolina Dos Santos, a close friend of Ana Maria, in 1999. He is a Nichiren Buddhist and a member of Soka Gakkai.Z"

It's fascinating to note the connecting themes with some members (e.g., marriage to a Japanese, that probably got him started down the cult road). And until I saw it on wiki, I was never aware that he lost his (second) family to such unfortunate circumstances. I also find it very interesting how such horrible "karmic" events and abandonment by the so-called shoten zenjin (buddhist "gods") are never discussed openly or shared at meetings, for the membership to see both sides of the real world (i.e., the confirmation bias going on)." -- Hitch [former SGI so-called fortune baby]

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