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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jamie Lee Silver's happiness will crumble like a castle built on sand

"You don’t have to give up anything you’re already doing. You don’t have to convert to Buddhism to chant. If you like meditating, great! Keep meditating. If you like going to church keep going to church. Think of it as meditation...only with tangible results and goals! Your goals! Your results!" -- Jamie Lee Silver

"For this reason, the Buddha said, “[If I used a lesser vehicle to convert even one person], I would be guilty of stinginess and greed, but such a thing would be impossible."

"The monks [whom you are speaking of] preach various teachings, but still they are not able to utter “the lion’s roar.” . . . Nor are they able to refute and convert evil persons who go against the correct teaching. Monks of this kind can bring no benefit either to themselves or to the populace. You should realize that they are in fact shirkers and idlers. Though they are careful in observing the precepts and maintain spotless conduct, you should realize that they cannot achieve anything. [Then a monk raises “the lion’s roar.” . . .] Those who break the precepts, upon listening to his preaching, are all enraged to the point where they attack him. This preacher of the Law, though he may in the end lose his life, is still worthy of being called a person who observes the precepts and brings benefits to both himself and others.’ ”

Jamie is guilty of stinginess and greed. She teaches Ikedaism, not the Lotus Sutra Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. "Just chant, one's beliefs are not important. Believe in Amida, Jesus, the Wiccan Goddesses, Allah. its OK as long as you chant" IS NOT NICHIREN DAISHONIN'S FAITH. Above all, this Buddhism is a faith, not a mindless practice for ephemeral benefits. Jamie's happiness will crumble like a castle built on sand as will those stupid enough to be influenced by her rather than the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren Daishonin.

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