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Friday, May 20, 2016

On SGI's martyr and our martyrs

SGI has its one martyr, Tsunesaburu Makiguchi. We have tens of thousands of martyrs who actually were Lotus Sutra practitioners, thousands of whom were slaughtered in one day at the hands of the Tendai warrior monks in 1536.


  1. I question, and challenge SGI's claim that Makiguchi is *their religious* martyr. I have read Mr. Makiguchi's biography, "The Value Creator", and have the DVD version of a documentary of his life, studying the roots of the SGI as a member for 26 years. Here are the facts that compel me to state Makiguchi was NOT a martyr for the Lotus Sutra.

    Makiguchi did not *begin to practice* Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism until the age of 54. Many references indicate that Makiguchi, who had been the target of discrimination for his opposition to the education system in Japan as well as Japan's militaristic government. In fact, it was when a comrade of his was assassinated, presumptively for views similar to Makiguchi's, that Makiguchi, in deep despair, turned to *religion* for the first time in his life.

    The organization Makiguchi is credited for creating, was, itself, Soka Kyoiku Gakkai, predominately focused on education reform in Japan, it's members were all *educators*, as was Josei Toda, who claimed Makiguchi as his *mentor*.

    It is, in my opinion, a mistaken view that Makiguchi and Toda were arrested and imprisoned solely for their refusal to comply with orders from the state-based religion and would not accept the Shinto Talisman. The meetings Makiguchi and Toda were conducting, that were closely monitored by Japan's so called, *thought police* were attended by like minded colleagues of their who opposed Japan's involvement in WWII as well as the Japanese government's oppressive policies that subverted the autonomy and rights of the individual to a *slave of the state*.

    I have found no evidence that either Makiguchi or Toda addressed the significance of state based religion in terms of remonstrating with the Japan's high officials. Nor did they attribute the conditions of Japanese society that they themselves lamented, as *the effects of slander of the true teaching*. Rather, they spoke and acted in opposition to the laws of Japanese society, and formed an organization under the auspices of slanderous Shoshu doctrines with the obvious intention of furthering their personal goals as educators.--BTW, not unlike the theme of SGIs historic propagation campaign, the promise of improved circumstances and material gain, the activities of Makiguchi and Toda were the very antithesis of *the Buddha's intention* and not based on the writings of Nichiren Daishonin. The prime point, however, is that both men were in fact in violating laws of Japanese society, fully aware that they were doing so, and for that they were arrested and imprisoned-- their conversion to Nichiren Shoshu was hardly the offense that led to Makiguchi's death in prison.

    Traditionally, the SGI commemorates Makiguchi's death in prison (1944) and the inception of the Soka Gakkai - Soka Kyoiku Gakkai(1930), on November 18th, claiming both events occurred on this day. Thus, further confusing the significance of Makiguchi's legacy, and claiming him as the SGI's religious martyr. In so doing, SGI further's its own goals. SGI top leaders refuse to engage in religious debate, while continuing to propagate their slanderous doctrines and employing unscrupulous methods to define the SGI as a *religious organization*.

    This is a matter of grave concern for all who profess faith in the Lotus Sutra follow Nichiren Daishonin.


    1. not to mention that the goal of every japanese man in japanese life was to find a master/mentor to follow. otherwise they were lost. japanese culture folks! no master, no sword, no direction. makiguchi was looking for a follower. toda was looking for a master in life, ikeda cared not for buddhism, he followed toda. made even more legit in soka by shoshu's youi-yoga shenanigans. nst/sgi members are completely blind and neither can see that they(nst/sgi), are both the same. truly pathetic.

      it took me close to 20 years to realize that what i was learning from the temple/org. was maybe 10% buddhism,60% japanese cultue, and 30% worthless bullshit. today, 5% buddhism, 50% japanese culture(ikedaism), 45% christianity(in this country).

      and here is the kicker.....if toda was alive today, he would slap the shit outta ikeda! toad's wife could not stand ikeda. that is why she stayed with the shoshu.

    2. Take away SGI's claim to a religious martyr, and what's left is their world wide dissemination of *value creation* - education,as the surest means to reforming a corrupt, unhumanistic society.

      SGI has no religious foundation. It is a cult of personality based on the ambitions of two educators and the opportunistic nature of a post WWII disillusioned Japanese youth.


    3. rule number 1..........people in a cult, don't know they are in a cult.