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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

On spreading SGI's vile teachings

What has and continues to happen to SGI leaders is cause and effect. They are destroying the Daishonin's Buddhism piece by piece, a doctrine at a time. They think that they are better than Nichiren Daishonin and that they understand the Lotus Sutra and the times better than he. How much will they throw out of his Buddhism before they are no longer chanting Namu Myoho renge kyo but rather Namu SGI and Namu Ikeda? Has this already happened?

Did Nichiren teach a mechanical repetition of the Daimoku without an abiding faith in the Lotus Sutra ? If so, does that mean you don't believe in the Ten Factors?

Do you think that revering Ikeda is the same as a deep rooted belief in Shakyamuni Buddha? Appearance! Appearance is the first of the Ten Factors and the most important. Do you know who taught that? What did Daisaku Ikeda have to say about this in his original lecture on the heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life?

Do you think that a Nichikan Gohonzon is the same as a Nichiren Gohonzon? Do you think esho funi [oneness of person and the environment] is a doctrine of convenience or do you really believe in esho funi? If you believe in esho funi you are chanting to a slanderers Gohonzon, how could you avoid becoming a slanderer?

Have the countries where SGI teachings spread shown any palpable improvement? What about Ghana, France, Italy, Brazil. Singapore, and Malaysia? What about Burma? What about Sierra Leone, the Phillipines, the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Columbia? Is the world any better for the spread of the SGI teachings or is it worse. Maybe a bit of reflection instead of self praise is in order. You may spread your vile teachings to every country in the universe but since it is not the teaching of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin it still equals zero.

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