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Friday, May 6, 2016

Published Letter to the Dalit (Untouchable) Voice in Inda

I am a disciple of Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin who would never condone the SGI's cordial relationship with the Brahmins and the SGI's compromise of the teachings of the Lotus Sutra which teaches the absolute equality of all people.

Dalits are the real voice of the oppressed people of India but the SGI and traditional Buddhists are more interested in the money, power, and influence of the Brahmins. How strange that these so-called Buddhists place Ghandi on a pedestal while abandoning the true champions of the people, Shakyamuni Buddha and his faithful disciple Nichiren Daishonin!

Your question, "How can we revive the Lotus Sutra in India?", is the most difficult to answer. I think dialogue between the voices of the Dalit and the disciples and believers of Nichiren is an excellent first step. Secondly, if the people are pure through the chanting of Namu Myoho renge kyo and belief in the True Object of Worship, Lord Shakya of the Original Doctrine, their land will be pure. There is a concept in the Lotus Sutra of the immeasurable merits and virtues of the 50th person who hears the Sutra and experiences one moment of faith and joy. How much greater are the merits of the first person! You, V.T. Rajshekar, are the first person. Your good fortune, benefits, and good name will be known for ten thousand years and from ten thousand miles afar. Tears well up and joy fills my heart. Please protect your good followers also.

I will send you 300 daily use Sutra books in English, several collectors edition Sutra books and several Tradition of Nichiren Doctrine glossy print books. I am looking forward to what you can provide about your movement and the Good Doctor Ambedkar.

India Lost Buddhism:

I have read all the copies of Dalit Voice you sent and I commend you on your deep interest in the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin, the Lotus Sutra's Supreme Votary. The Lotus Sutra will once again spread throughout India as predicted by the Great Buddhist Prophet:

"Answer: The moon appears in the west and sheds its light eastward, but the sun rises in the east and casts its rays to the west. The same is true of Buddhism. It spread from west to east in the Former and Middle Days of the Law, but will travel from east to west in the Latter Day. The Great Teacher Miao-lo says, “Does this not mean that Buddhism has been lost in India, the country of its origin, and must now be sought in the surrounding regions?” Thus, no Buddhism is found in India anymore. During the 150 years or so since barbarians from the north invaded the Eastern Capital in the time of Emperor Kao-tsung, both Buddhism and imperial authority became extinct in China. Concerning the collection of scriptures kept in China, not one Hinayana sutra remains, and most Mahayana sutras have also been lost. Even when Jakusho and other priests set out from Japan to take some sutras to China, no one was found there who could embrace these sutras and teach them to others. It was as though there were only wooden or stone statues garbed in priests’ robes and carrying begging bowls. That is why Tsun-shih said, “It [Buddhism] came first from the west, like the moon appearing. Now it is returning from the east, like the sun rising.” These remarks make it clear that Buddhism is lost in both India and China." (On the Buddha's Prophecy).

Buddha taught that one becomes a Brahmin through virtue not birth. As the Lotus Sutra spreads in India, freeing the oppressed peoples of India from their mortal bonds, those "Brahmins" by birth are sure to rise up against the Brahmins of great virtue who embrace the Lotus Sutra and revere Shakyamuni Buddha. Your people are sure to encounter the Three Obstacles and Four Devils. 

Nichiren writes,

'The doctrine of three thousand realms in a single moment of life revealed in the fifth volume of Great Concentration and Insight is especially profound. If you propagate it, devils will arise without fail. If they did not, there would be no way of knowing that this is the correct teaching. One passage from the same volume reads: “As practice progresses and understanding grows, the three obstacles and four devils emerge in confusing form, vying with one another to interfere . . . One should be neither influenced nor frightened by them. If one falls under their influence, one will be led into the paths of evil. If one is frightened by them, one will be prevented from practicing the correct teaching.” This statement not only applies to me, but also is a guide for my followers. Reverently make this teaching your own, and transmit it as an axiom of faith for future generations.

The three obstacles in this passage are the obstacle of earthly desires, the obstacle of karma, and the obstacle of retribution. The obstacle of earthly desires is the impediments to one’s practice that arise from greed, anger, foolishness, and the like; the obstacle of karma is the hindrances presented by one’s wife or children; and the obstacle of retribution is the hindrances caused by one’s sovereign or parents. Of the four devils, the workings of the devil king of the sixth heaven are of this last kind.

In Japan today, many people claim they have mastered the practice of concentration and insight. But is there anyone who has actually encountered the three obstacles and four devils? The statement “If one falls under their influence, one will be led into the paths of evil” indicates not only the three evil paths but also the worlds of human and heavenly beings, and in general, all of the nine worlds. Therefore, with the exception of the Lotus Sutra, all of the sutras— those of the Flower Garland, Agama, Correct and Equal, and Wisdom periods, and the Nirvana and Mahavairochana sutras— will lead people toward the paths of evil. Also, with the exception of the Tendai school, the adherents of the seven other schools are in reality wardens of hell who drive others toward the evil paths. Even in the Tendai school are found those who profess faith in the Lotus Sutra, yet actually lead others toward the pre- Lotus Sutra teachings. They, too, are wardens of hell who cause people to fall into the evil paths."

The false but powerful "Brahmins by birth", are the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven who now reside in India. Do not be swayed or frightened by them. It is proof that you embrace the true teachings. You must teach your members this night and day for many will be killed and exiled on account of their faith. 

Nichiren writes in one of his two most important writings, the Opening of the Eyes,

"Although I and my disciples may encounter various difficulties, if we do not harbor doubts in our hearts, we will as a matter of course attain Buddhahood. Do not have doubts simply because heaven does not lend you protection. Do not be discouraged because you do not enjoy an easy and secure existence in this life. This is what I have taught my disciples morning and evening, and yet they begin to harbor doubts and abandon their faith.

Foolish men are likely to forget the promises they have made when the crucial moment comes. Some of them feel pity for their wives and children and grieve at the thought of parting from them in this life. In countless births throughout many long kalpas they have had wives and children but parted from them in every existence. They have done so unwillingly and not because of their desire to pursue the way of the Buddha. Since they must part with them in any case, they should remain faithful to their belief in the Lotus Sutra and make their way to Eagle Peak, so that they may lead their wives and children there as well."

As far as violence in the Lotus Sutra, there is no exhortation to kill unbelievers. There is no need. They will have their heads split into seven pieces as a matter of course. Nichiren writes, "Thus, although one may exert one’s full effort to save others, it is very difficult to save them from the karmic retribution that they have brought upon themselves." (On Repaying Debts of Gratitude) Cause and effect is very strict.

Likewise, there is no exhortation not to protect yourself. We must protect the precious children of the Buddha at the cost of our own lives.

There is much more I wish to say to you but I will keep this letter brief. We will talk again.

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