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Friday, May 20, 2016

SGI leader Jamie Lee Silver mixes the rice of Namu Myoho renge kyo with the filth of Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT]

Win in the Morning and You Win in Life! Keys to Releasing Emotions!

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"No matter what happens, 
you must carry out the practice of gongyo 
and chant daimoku everyday. 
Doing gongyo and chanting daimoku 
give rise to a bright and vibrant life-force from the depths of your life, 
giving you the power to resolve life difficulties. 
Therefore, you should never neglect gongyo 
on account of being too busy or too tired. 

Never "pull the plug" of your faith."

Daisaku Ikeda,

I love hearing from all of you at Lately some of you have said it's just too hard to chant, and you can't seem to get back to where you were in your practice. 

This post might be able to help you release the emotions that can keep you from chanting. 

I have started incorporating a process called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) "Tapping" into my life. 

EFT does not replace chanting, and it does not mean I am employing any other strategy besides the Lotus Sutra. I base my life on my every morning and every evening, and every morning and every evening practice. I base my LIFE on this. And l believe chanting has brought other modalities for health and healing into my life, such as essential oils (yes I am a Young Living distributor, email me and I can tell you more about the oils), Yoga, and now EFT Tapping. 

I know how hard it can be to chant. I know emotions well up in us that seem just overwhelming. I know turning to face ourselves and face our life when we chant can be daunting. The Gohonzon is the mirror of our inner life...sometimes it is hard to see it! And I know the benefits of breaking through and creating a consistent practice are far beyond any happiness we have ever experienced. It's worth it! 

I also know that some of the most important things we need to chant about...some of the core issues...well, sometimes we just can't chant about them at all. They seem too painful to even chant about. 

So we need a release for that pain and anger and sadness. We need a valve to just let it out. Tapping has been working as a release valve for me. And I think it has been making my chanting even more focused, and helping me with my grief. 

To learn EFT, I took several courses from Nick and Jessica Ortner over the internet. And I learned the totally easy - impossible to do wrong - method of tapping on meridian points on my head, hand, and collar bone while releasing the emotion. 
Now I'm using "Faster EFT"  to release emotions. I really ought to just demonstrate for you in a video. I'll look into doing this for you, and you can search on Youtube and find a ton of videos under EFT and tapping. 

You tap...focus on the emotion you want to release...speak words of release "I release this sadness, I release this pain, I release this sorrow."  I feel the emotion in my body...and experience the release. 

And then, you can sit down to chant and really focus. 

I'm not saying this is for everyone...or making any kind of prescription for any of us. I am just saying this has been working for me for quite some time. I think it helped me to have the level head I needed to complete the divorce, and it is helping me come through this current wall of pain. 

Have a great day! 


  1. And Nichiren Shu advocates Aikido. Nichiren advocated Namu Myohho renge kyo exclusively and that is why he miraculously survived the many attempts on his life.

  2. "I also know that some of the most important things we need to chant about...some of the core issues...well, sometimes we just can't chant about them at all. They seem too painful to even chant about. "

    Jamie refers here to the warped views of SGI cronies, who guide and instruct their members to *chant about their personal stuff*--, and to focus on their personal desires while chanting abbreviated daimku to a counterfeit Gohonzon--. When they loose interest or desire to continue this-- (a blessing actually) here comes Jamie with a quick fix, a remedy for the *obstacle* to fulfilling all of our desires via Gongyo and daimoku twice daily.

    The practice of revering the Lotus Sutra, reciting even the title , or daimoku; acknowledging my debt of gratitude to Shakyamuni ; offering my recitation of the 2nd and 16th chapters of the Lotus Sutra, is an experience that defies words. Suffice to say that offering prayers to a Nichiren Gohonzon, chanting correct daimouku and KNOWING what I am practicing is a self- perpetuating, reinforcing practice.

    The myriad *props* developed, designed or just resurrected that supposedly assist one to continue chanting-- are actually bells and whistles, announcing that the PRACTICE itself is OFF--. Worse, they compound the effects of the initial slander-- until the practitioner is essentially blind and deaf -- but not beyond hope.

    Initiating the correct practice of the Lotus Sutra, established by Nichiren for our time, is the remedy -- .