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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SGI's biggest mistake

"Our beloved organisation for a long period of time, after the breakaway from the priesthood wrote a lot about this issue of democracy of faith. In the UK, observing the way our organisation operates, any idea of democracy of faith is at best a myth and mere words on paper. The organisation is getting more and more rigid, autocratic and hierarchical with just a top down imposition of edits. We have leaders many of whom see their positions as positions of power and being better in faith than others. In the UK unless you subscribe to Mr Ikeda as a mentor and urge members to focus on him instead of their lives you can never be a leader. In what way is democracy of faith practiced in your countries? In what way does the way our beloved organisation do things differently from the priesthood? How can we resolve these issues in such a way as not to destroy the SGI? Lets have a good, warm, and heartfelt discussion of these issues for the future benefit of the SGI." -- SGI UK member

It would be better to destroy the SGI or to leave. It is not so much the lack of democracy. It is the lie that SGI is democratic. Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism is not democratic. Shakyamuni Buddha [Lotus Sutra] and Nichiren Daishonin are the leaders and we [their disciples] follow their teachings, direction, and example in order to obtain Buddhahood. SGI's biggest mistake is their false object of devotion, Daisaku Ikeda


  1. Other SGI mistakes:
    1) giving lip service to profound teachings and treasuring the trivial musings of pompous bags of wind.
    2) discouraging the study of True Buddhism and praising strategies that require one to be fluent in Gakkai- speak, motivational sound bytes.
    3) casting off the TRUE and revealing their spurious identity.
    4) Holding the core belief that the SGI does not make mistakes...


  2. It is so obvious. To everyone except them.