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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The gentle or the forceful practice?

Not everyone is predisposed to perform the forceful practices. Nichiren understood that, for one reason or another, not every one can perform the forceful practices. Some have not studied Buddhism sufficiently and others are innately gentle. Regardless, he mandated that his monks and priests perform the forceful practices but not necessarily the laymen. He also taught that whether or not one performs the forceful practices or merely chants Namu myoho renge kyo, one should support those who do the forceful practices, either through moral support, withholding criticism, or through donations [if a priest]. I believe that the forceful practices are the only appropriate means to convert such evil men and women as Soka Gakkai leaders and members, Nichiren Shoshu priests and laymen, Islamic fundamentalists who strap explosives on mental defectives and detonate them in the marketplace, Christian fire and brimstone fundamentalists, those of the Jewish Defense League, the Hindi Kashitra or Brahman class, and the authorities who support them

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