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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The words of the Lotus Sutra are the living body of Shakyamuni Buddha.

"The most compelling evidence I have of the truth of Mr. Ikeda's words is the proof of my own life. In engaging in the process of continually struggling to renew my seeking spirit towards the Law (that is, in carrying out Buddhist practice)" -- SGI member

SGI's proof is the unverifiable proof of "person" that Nichiren taught us to abandon in favor of the verifiable proof of the words of the Law [Lotus Sutra]. Proof is found in how faithful one's words and behavior are to the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren Daishonin. The words of the Lotus Sutra are the living body of Shakyamuni Buddha.


  1. SGI's proof is every single member cycling through the lower 6th worlds, which also generates their insane activities and base campaigns. The perpetual motion machine the SGI once appeared to be is running out of steam as regenerating that *seeking spirit* is becoming more cumbersome and more expensive... for the many members who are hooked on the FNCC!



  2. "Utsubusa came a long-distance to visit me despite her advanced age, but since I was told that it was merely a casual visit on her way back from the shrine to the god of her ancestors, I would not se her, although I pitied her greatly. Had I permitted her to see me, I would have been allowing her to commit slander against the Lotus Sutra. The reason is that all gods are subjects, and the Lotus Sutra is their lord. It is against even the code of society to visit one's lord on the way back from calling on one of his subjects. Moreover, Utsubusa is a lay nun and should have THE BUDDHA FOREMOST IN MIND... She was not the only one, however. I refused to see many others who stopped by to visit me on their return from the HOT SPRING RESORT at Shimobe."

    FNCC is essentially an exclusive resort, spa, where SGI leaders and members celebrate themselves--as *legends in their own minds*, imo.
    In this resort inspired setting, they drink Ikedaism laced Koolaid and smoke the crack pipe of *achieving kosen rufu*. Upon returning to their own locale, the rejuvenated Ikeda-bots share their mystical FNCC experience,- always focused on, connecting to THE *mentor*, as the special guests at district level meetings.

    Maybe I am way off-- but to me, this is similar in an eery way to the scenarios Nichiren described above as grave matters of slander that caused him to "refuse to see" those whom he greatly pitied, and hoped would take to heart the seriousness of *having the Buddha foremost on their minds*.

    Though I have not been successful in communicating my *take on the FNCC*-- even to the closest friend I have ever had in the SGI, I continue to seek a means for illuminating the grave offenses committed by SGI USA in their support and perpetuation of this abhorrent slander of Nichiren, the FNCC.


  3. To illustrate my point further, I will share from personal experience, attending a district level meeting in Boston SGI, where WD Area Leader "Liza" was the special guest, having just returned from a FNCC *conference*.

    Liza is smiling in an overly bright manner, appearing almost manic at she began to share her *experience*... "AS you all know, I'm sure, there are always obstacles that appear when we embark on crucial aspects of our mission for kosen-rufu-- I always get the doozies when I register for a FNCC conference. THIS time, the obstacle was the death of a close relative of my husbands, just a week before my scheduled departure for the FNCC."

    Liza very briefly explained the obstacle, saying that this young relative was killed while bike riding, the result of an *all too common* MVA in the Boston area, where the combination of careless bikers and crazy motorists persists to this day...the senior WD leader offers this as trivial background info.

    Liza's overly bright countenance pervaded the recounting of the obstacle and its resolution, which I recall with horror to this day.

    -- She claimed she chanted hours everyday; that all went smoothly in terms of the wake and the funeral AND that she harbored no doubt her daimoku was pivotal in the *family's* amazing capacity to rebound and stay positive. Then, in an attempt to impart guidance as a senior leader, Liza said; "My daimoku was focused on attending the FNCC conference NO MATTER WHAT !"

    THIS, was intended and for the most part received as *actual proof* of the power of daimoku fueled by determination to seek *the mentor*. Liza then consulted her notes and shared ALL the actual words of Top leaders, who had "deepened her understanding" of the prime point:"The oneness of mentor and disciple."= at this particular FNCC conference.

    I have over 20 years experience working as a nurse on locked psychiatric units-- and yet, at this particular meeting I believe I witnessed for the first time what *losing one's mind* actually looks like. To the select few members to whom I broached this realization, I was the ONE who was viewed as having misperceiving this... How could I mistake the sincere sharing of encouragement from a treasured WD leader as *pure insanity*?

    I wonder-- how I can fully expiate my sins of slander -- my association with the SGI, where the destruction of the Buddha's true teaching has become rabid ... pernicious- INSANE!


  4. I never went to FNCC which was established after I left but in many ways, it seems little different than their French cult training center in Trets.

  5. Shrines to their buddha Ikeda ?

    "As a result, he has become a formidable enemy of the Lotus Sutra. And as his slander has long continued this country is on the verge of ruin."

    "How pitiful, how tragic!"


  6. through proper faith and practice ones eyes truly begin to open. seeing the truth is indeed terrifying . however, practice cannot progress with eyes closed. ten tai and nichiren concur that if one has an incorrect faith/practice, even though they chant the daimoku, instead of enlightenment, they will only achieve a deeper delusion. much like a drunk who can awaken only by hitting rock bottom. many people will be just like this. as nichiren teaches; one begins through the power of faith and continues through the power of prayer. it can be very discouraging or very beautiful. faith always seems to be the issue.