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Friday, May 27, 2016

What's wrong with you is remaining in the pyramidal, authoritarian, top down, cliquish SGI for one more day.

"Hello Mark. I have been an SGI member for twenty two years. I have not missed Gongyo in more than nine years and have done many shakubuku. I am a Woman's Division Group Chief and have been a Group Chief for twelve years. I have been passed over by many people for District, Chapter, and other positions in the organization, even some of my shakubuku. I had wanted to be senior leader for at least eight years. I volunteer for all the activities, promote the World Tribune, and often attend at least two meeting a week. I read the Gosho for twenty minutes a day but i was never asked to give President Ikeda's lectures. I think i have much to offer the members and have many ideas to grow my local organization. What's wrong with me?"

Response: There is nothing wrong with you except remaining in the pyramidal, authoritarian, top down, cliquish SGI for one more day. There are no hierarchies in Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism. We are all good friends in the Law who receive our guidance equally from the Law, the Buddha, and the Sangha led by Nichiren Daishonin. You don't have to get permission to lecture on the Lotus Sutra and Gosho. No one need tell you what you have to do or how you have to do it, in order to awaken the masses of being to the Great Pure Law. If you have the same mind as Nichiren, you yourself are a Bodhisattva of the Earth. From the deepest perspective, according to Nichiren, you yourself are a Three Bodied Tathagata of Wonderful Enlightenment. Act like one and tell those controlling cult members to take a hike. You will be welcomed into the sangha of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth by Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren. Send me your full name and address and I will send you several Sutra books and if you gain benefit through a correct faith and practice, I will bestow upon you our banner of propagation, a copy of a Nichiren inscribed Gohonzon.

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