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Monday, May 30, 2016

Why not work to change SGI from within?

It is futile. All significant changes in SGI come from above. Try to change the distribution of Nichikan Gohonzon to Nichiren Gohonzon. Try to change Nam Myoho renge kyo to Namu Myoho renge kyo. But if mentor says "change" [regarding anything big or small], it's changed within a day. Another reason to not work to change SGI from within is that Nichiren teaches that we should not associate with slanderers.


  1. I pity the fool who disregards Nichiren's admonition regarding associating with slanderers. The ill effects of participating in the SGI with a noble mission to do shakubuku where the suffering was greatest- within SGI, were far worse than my earlier learning curve, innocent encounters with hard core slanderers. As I continue to awaken to truth, I notice that my life, indeed all activities of daily living relate more to Nichiren's writings than any other point of view, or reference.


  2. as i have stated before - sgi will talk to you until you see things their way, or until you buy their program. the nichiren shoshit won't talk to you at all unless you see it their way from the start. two sides of the same coin. what say you dirham?

  3. I experimented with the 'namu' daimoku yesterday and found it curiously refreshing....actually bolder and more powerful....mmm....

    the muslims contend, correctly, that the sounds of words are powerful, inherently.....
    I know when I started chanting, decades ago, I came to experience deep bliss and satisfaction

    ...I started to practice with Greg Romero, Graydon Klee, John Nicks, etc........Greg was an initial 'good friend' John DeGomez's house we chanted to a very simple altar, in a dumpy hovel....anyway Greg, you wound up buying my butsudan from tozan, [no offense] mother was a bit peeved though....
    at taisekiji, our ymd group all consented to pray to the dai-gohonzon to never quit chanting...... soon after tozan, I quit anyway......within weeks, my life plunged into avichi hell, aka., the toilet.......anyway I re-joined the gakkai, but things did not change...hell, I believe, is non-change when circumstances require new conditions,.....actually Buddhism professes endless, endless personal batsu/punishment meant never enjoying benefits, material or spiritual.......the ''endless, painful austerity'' syndrome.....Dick Bond noticed this deadlock in me and remarked, '' you would have to be some kind of superman to endure it'' I was so fearful of quitting again, that I remained loyal to the gakkai all these five plus decades...
    my prayer was answered...
    but then the priest/sgi conflict seemed strange that with the lotus/chanting as their bond, they could not reconcile, even for the sake of their own body of believers....if dialog was truly potent in politics,etc., then why was it moot here in this horrible battle? Like the gosho passage about crossing the five foot wide river, it would appear to any thinking person that these two factions are both least in terms of Buddhist mercy, vis a vis their mutual vitriole and belligerence.

  4. Replies
    1. honest question: how is your daimoku timed- accented....with seven syllables, which syllable is split/double-timed? It seems like an arbitrary choice...since seven is an odd number, it can't be divided into two symmetric which syllable is recommended, if any ? after four decades, how does one re-learn Nichiren's seven character daimoku?...mmmm....