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Friday, June 10, 2016

$150,000,000.00 more in the SGI coffers

"I offer my deepest praise and most sincere gratitude to the Dai-Gohonzon of the Three Great Secret Laws, which was bestowed upon the entire world." -- 2nd prayer from the old SGI Sutra book

Now 12 million members will buy five new sutra books for three dollars a piece which equals ~ $150,000,000.00 in the SGI coffers.


  1. "I say you and President Ikeda are the same level. Lying sacks of filth lower than the dust... (Mark RoGow Eagle peak blog)
    Pointing your fingers and using your words to slander the Law is on you. Everything you write about SGI, President Ikeda, and SGI members is slander. For you own sake you should self reflect on you own negligence and failure to practice correctly. How unfortunate!

    I've practiced the Daishonin's Buddhism as propagated by the members of SGI and the three Presidents: Makaguchi, Toda and Ikeda for 28 or more years. I have only seen typical differences between members and leaders, real life challenges, and not this banter that some are posting on the Internet. It's what we call Human Revolution. I have never seen any sort of cultist behavior, just disagreements and members who have negative tendencies to face up to and overcome. As far as your statement about being terrified about leaving SGI sounds like grinding an ax.

    Some persons err because they rely upon the provisional teachings, some because they rely on teachings that do not accord with the time or the capacities of the persons addressed. Some go astray because they fail to distinguish between the teachings of sages and those of mere ordinary mortals, some because they fail to distinguish between the provisional teachings and the true teaching, some because they mistake provisional teachings for the true teaching, and some because they do not understand the level of the persons to whom the teachings are directed. Thus these various types of persons in their capacity as ordinary mortals seek the Buddhist teachings but instead only increase the karma that will keep them bound to the sufferings of birth and death, but the exact cause in each case is not necessarily the same. (On the Protection of the Nation
    MW 181)

    I have relied solely on the sutras and treatises in determining what is correct and what erroneous, and on the pronouncements of the Buddha in making clear what is trustworthy and what is slanderous. I have not ventured to put forth any private theories of my own.

    I have read several of the post on your blog and find myself discouraged at the back and forth mud slinging and name calling.... In part, the purpose of the Dharma law is to aid the individual in self reflection and taking action to overcome one's own immutable Karma. Not that of others.

    1. "I have relied solely on the sutras and treatises in determining what is correct and what erroneous, and on the pronouncements of the Buddha in making clear what is trustworthy and what is slanderous. I have not ventured to put forth any private theories of my own."

      Well you have now and your not making too much sense. You should have second thoughts in determining what is correct and what erroneous.

      If you can be so deceived on a The Bodhisattva Never Disparaging chapter 20 of the Lotus Sutra from by what is dictated by your organisation as Mudpie Boy has pointed out to you, how much more is there that you have been deceived by . This is but the tip of the ice berg that is sinking your titanic organisation

      Marks Eagle Peak blog is like being on a ship that crosses the sea of sufferings of birth and death while the SGI has become like those that "have abandoned the wonderful teaching that is pure and perfect, and sink again into the sea of the sufferings of birth and death.

      It is pitiful beyond description that, though born in a land where the people’s capacity to receive the perfect teaching is fully mature, they vainly fall back into the great citadel of the hell of incessant suffering." Nichiren

    2. Anonymous, your inability to see things as they really are is actual proof that there is no Enlightenment in the SGI. Your failure to reflect on your own behavior and the hypocrisy of your criticism of us regarding "slander" of others [SGI's war with the Nichiren Shoshu as striking example] is actual proof of your befuddlement. Send me your Nicchikan No-Honzon and i will bestow you a copy of a real Nichiren Gohonzon, mounted in order to stay pristene for ten generations or more.

    3. “On the other hand, when I proclaim that the practitioners of the Nembutsu will fall into the hell of incessant suffering or declare that the Zen and True Word schools are likewise in error, people may think I am uttering harsh words, but in fact I am speaking truthful and gentle words. As an example, I may point to the fact that Dozen-bo has embraced the Lotus Sutra and fashioned an image of Shakyamuni Buddha, actions that came about because I spoke harshly to him. And the same thing holds true for all the people of Japan. Ten or more years ago, virtually everyone was reciting the Nembutsu. But now, out of ten persons, you will find that one or two chant only Namu-myoho-renge-kyo, while two or three recite it along with the Nembutsu. And even among those who recite the Nembutsu exclusively, there are those who have begun to have doubts and so in their hearts believe in the Lotus Sutra; some have even begun to paint or carve images of Shakyamuni Buddha. All this, too, has come about because I have spoken harsh words.

      This response is like the fragrant sandalwood trees that grow among the groves of foul-smelling eranda trees, or lotus blossoms that rise from the mud. Thus, when I proclaim that the followers of the Nembutsu will fall into the hell of incessant suffering, the “wise men” of our day, who are in fact no wiser than cattle or horses, may venture to attack my doctrines. But in truth they are like scavenger dogs barking at the lion king, or foolish monkeys laughing at the god Shakra.”

      We can include Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam along with the Nembutsu, True Word, Zen, and Therevada. SGI can not make the connection because they follow the devilish slanderer Ikeda rather than Nichiren. Even the Daimoku can not penetrate the hearts of such slanderers. As long as they remain in the SGI, they will never gain a correct view. Their Object of Worship is mistaken. Their faith is lame.

      “If, knowing the best path, one sees one’s parents or sovereign taking an evil path, can one fail to admonish them? If a fool, crazed with wine, is about to drink poison, can one, knowing this, not try to stop him? In the same way, if one understands the truth of the Buddhist teachings and knows the sufferings of fire, blood, and swords, can one fail to lament at seeing someone to whom one owes a debt of gratitude about to fall into the evil paths? Rather one should cast away one’s body and lay down one’s life in an effort to save such a person.”


    4. “How reassuring, that those who respect the monks of the correct teaching and admonish those who are evil and in error receive such blessings as these!.”

      “You should read again and again the previous letter in which I explained that one should of course obey one’s teacher, sovereign, and parents, but should they commit wrongs, admonishing them is in fact being loyal to them,” (The Three Obstacles and four Devils)

      “How could I ever feel distantly toward any of you? Even in the case of the Nembutsu priests, the Zen priests, and the True Word teachers, and the ruler of the nation and other men of authority, all of whom bear me such hatred— I admonish them because I want to help them, and their hatred for me makes me pity them all the more.” (Reply to the lay Priest Takahashi)

      “The Classic of Filial Piety states, “[In a case of moral wrong,] a son must admonish his father, and a minister must admonish his lord.” (The Letter of Petition from Yorimoto )

      Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus slander Shakyamuni Buddha and the votaries of the Lotus Sutra, not even aware that their gods follow the Buddha and the votaries .

      “The Great Teacher Dengyo states, “In general, where unrighteousness is concerned, a son must admonish his father, and a minister must admonish his lord.” (ibid.)

      “Yet not only do they fail to remonstrate with them, but they criticize one who does confront the Nembutsu school, which is strange indeed! As for Daishin-bo, as I wrote you before, please strongly admonish him by letter.” (The third Doctrine)

      The SGI leaders, far from admonishing these heretics and heretical philosophies and religions, pander to them through their interfaith activities. The only ones they admonish are the True Votaries of the Lotus Sutra. It will be no small occurrence if they don’t suffer some great loss for acting contrary to the Lotus Sutra and teachings of Nichiren Daishonin.

      “It stipulates that, no matter how learned one may be, if one sees an enemy of the Lotus Sutra but fails to admonish that person out of fear, one will fall into the hell of incessant suffering.” (Letter to Akimoto)

      We can only conclude that the SGI fails to speak and act as Nichiren Daishonin out of fear and cowardice.

      “The high minister Pi Kan, seeing that the Yin dynasty was on the path to ruin, strongly admonished the ruler, though it cost him his head.” (Opening of the Eyes)

      The entire world is based on Chistianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism. They are paths to war and ruin. But SGI seeks support and guidance from these slanderers and give them support and succor.

      “But because Kuan Lung- feng remonstrated with King Chieh of the Hsia dynasty and Pi Kan admonished King Chou of the Yin dynasty, their names have been handed down in history as those of worthies.” (op cit. Letter of Petition to Yorimoto)


    5. That is why Nichiren Daishonin and his true disciples will be remembered for ten thousand years and more and Ikeda and his disciples will be forgotten.

      “Nichiren, who admonishes them for their evil, is father and mother to the ruler, and the teacher of all living beings.” (The Royal Palace)

      And we too are fathers and mothers to the rulers and the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and provisional Buddhist religious leaders. Why? Because we admonish them for not embracing the Lotus Sutra and chanting Namu Myoho renge kyo. If you chant the Daimoku but you don’t like Nichiren Daishonin or Nichiren Daishonin’s way, you are not true to yourself and your words are hollow.

      “Is not a person of wisdom one who admonishes the ruler when the country is endangered or corrects others’ mistaken views? But in your case, no matter what error you may see, you will no doubt refuse to correct it for fear of society’s reaction.” (op. cit. Yorimoto)

      “In the Lotus Sutra, it is stipulated that those who bear a grudge against its votary are destined to fall into the Avichi hell. The fourth volume states that the offense of harboring malice toward a votary of the Lotus Sutra in the latter age is graver than that of reviling the Buddha for an entire medium kalpa. The seventh volume teaches that people who disparage the votary will suffer in the Avichi hell for a thousand kalpas. The fifth volume states that after the Buddha’s passing, when the Latter Day of the Law arrives, a votary of the Lotus Sutra will certainly appear, and that at that time, in that country, an immeasurably great multitude of monks who either uphold or violate the precepts will gather and denounce the votary to the ruler of the country causing him to be banished and ruined.”

      Do you think these persecutions happened to Nichiren Daishonin for holding interfaith conferences with the Nembutsu, Zen, Ritsu, and Shingon? Or do you think that he underwent these trials for correcting their errors? Do you think Nichiren Daishonin would compromise with the Christians, Jews, Muslims, or Brahmins? I will not compromise the teachings for a pat on the back and an award or two.

      “Question: What eye of wisdom allows you to perceive that the Nembutsu, Zen, and other schools of our time are the enemies of the Lotus Sutra and evil companions who are ready to mislead all people?
      Answer: I do not state personal opinions, but merely hold up the mirror of the sutras and commentaries so that the slanderers of the Law may see their ugly faces reflected there and perceive their errors. But if they are incurably “blind,” it is beyond my power.


    6. In the “Treasure Tower” chapter in the fourth volume of the Lotus Sutra we read: “At that time Many Treasures Buddha offered half of his seat in the treasure tower to Shakyamuni Buddha . . . At that time the members of the great assembly [saw] the two Thus Come Ones seated cross-legged on the lion seat in the tower of seven treasures . . . And in a loud voice he [Shakyamuni Buddha] addressed all the four kinds of believers, saying: ‘Who is capable of broadly preaching the Lotus Sutra of the Wonderful Law in this saha world? Now is the time to do so, for before long the Thus Come One will enter nirvana. The Buddha wishes to entrust this Lotus Sutra to someone so that it may be preserved.’

      This is the first pronouncement of the Buddha. Again the chapter reads: “At that time the World-Honored One, wishing to state his meaning once more, spoke in verse form, saying: ‘This holy lord, this World-Honored One, though he passed into extinction long ago, still seats himself in the treasure tower, coming here for the sake of the Law. You people, why then do you not also strive for the sake of the Law? . . . In addition, these emanations of my body, Buddhas in immeasurable numbers like Ganges sands, have come, desiring to hear the Law . . . Each has abandoned his wonderful land, as well as his host of disciples, the heavenly and human beings, dragons, and spirits, and all the offerings they give him, and has come to this place on purpose to make certain the Law will long endure. . . . as though a great wind were tossing the branches of small trees. Through this expedient means they make certain that the Law will long endure. So I say to the great assembly: After I have passed into extinction, who can guard and uphold, read and recite this sutra? Now in the presence of the Buddha let him come forward and speak his vow!’

      This is the second proclamation of the Buddha. The passage continues: “The Thus Come One Many Treasures, I myself, and these emanation Buddhas who have gathered here, surely know this is our aim. . . . All you good men, each of you must consider carefully! This is a difficult matter—it is proper you should make a great vow. The other sutras number as many as Ganges sands, but though you expound those sutras, that is not worth regarding as difficult. If you were to seize Mount Sumeru and fling it far off to the measureless Buddha lands, that too would not be difficult. . . . But if after the Buddha has entered extinction, in the time of evil, you can preach this sutra, that will be difficult indeed! . . . If, when the fires come at the end of the kalpa, one can load dry grass on his back and enter the fire without being burned, that would not be difficult. But after I have passed into extinction if one can embrace this sutra and expound it to even one person, that will be difficult indeed! . . . All you good men, after I have entered extinction, who can accept and uphold, read and recite this sutra? Now in the presence of the Buddha let him come forward and speak his vow!”


    7. This is the third admonition from the Buddha. The fourth and fifth admonitions are found in the “Devadatta” chapter, and I will deal with them later.” (op. cit. Opening of the Eyes)

      “Adherents of the various schools may attempt to attack you by citing the passage from The Treatise on the Great Perfection of Wisdom that states, “If one denounces the teachings others follow out of love for one’s own, then even if one is the practitioner who observes the precepts, one will never escape the pains of hell.” Ask them whether they know why Nagarjuna wrote this admonition, and if Nagarjuna could possibly have been ignorant of how serious an offense it is to slander the true teaching by clinging to provisional teachings. He stated, “The various sutras are not secret teachings; only the Lotus Sutra is secret.” He declared that the Lotus Sutra alone is the seed of enlightenment, likening it to a great physician who can change poison into medicine. Is it possible that he later regretted having said these things, and therefore wrote that, if one denounces the teachings others follow out of love for one’s own, one will be destined to fall into the evil paths? If so, he would have been directly contradicting the truthful words of the Lotus Sutra, in which the Buddha states, “Honestly discarding expedient means” and “Not accepting a single verse of the other sutras.” This is hardly conceivable. Nagarjuna was a bodhisattva who appeared in accordance with Shakyamuni Buddha’s prediction, as well as a scholar in the direct lineage of the Buddha’s teaching. He may well have written this admonition in his treatise because he foresaw that such priests as Kobo and T’an-luan would slander the Lotus Sutra, the teaching that befits this age of the Latter Day of the Law. You should scoff at your opponents for not knowing the meaning of the words they cite. Tell them: “Are you yourselves not followers of those destined to fall into the evil paths? How pitiful! Are you not to be counted among those who will suffer for countless kalpas to come?” (Teaching Practice and Proof)

      “He agonized over what course to take, but in the end, fearful of violating the Buddha’s admonition, made known his views to Emperor Kammu.” (Selection of Time)

      “The Nirvana Sutra states: “If even a good monk sees someone destroying the teaching and disregards him, failing to reproach him, to oust him, or to punish him for his offense, then you should realize that that monk is betraying the Buddha’s teaching. But if he ousts the destroyer of the Law, reproaches him, or punishes him, then he is my disciple and a true voice-hearer.”

      This admonition urged me on, and I spoke out against slander in spite of the various persecutions I faced, because I would have become an enemy of the Buddha’s teaching if I had not.Slander can be either minor or serious, however, and sometimes we should overlook it rather than attack it. The True Word and Tendai schools slander the Lotus Sutra and should be severely rebuked. But without great wisdom it is hard to differentiate correctly between their doctrines and the teachings that Nichiren spreads. Therefore, at times we refrain from attacking them, just as I did in On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land.

      Whether or not we speak out, it will be difficult for those who have committed the grave offense of slander to avoid retribution. Our seeing, hearing, and making no attempt to stop slander that, if we spoke out, could be avoided, destroys our gifts of sight and hearing, and is utterly merciless.

      Chang-an writes, “If one befriends another person but lacks the mercy to correct him, one is in fact his enemy.” The consequences of a grave offense are extremely difficult to erase. The most important thing is to continually strengthen our wish to benefit others.” (The Embankments of Faith)


    8. “The heart of all these passages is the admonition to embrace and believe in the Lotus Sutra in this Latter Day of the Law.” (The Embankments of Faith)

      “Nevertheless, I was concerned that any admonition would be taken by the ignorant as mere jealousy of his wisdom, and so I refrained from speaking out.” (On Persecution Befalling the sage)

      “Then the unenlightened man said: “Listening to the teachings and admonitions of a sage like you, I find that the misunderstandings I have labored under in recent days are all suddenly dispelled.” (op. cit. Conversations Sage)

      “The third volume of the Nirvana Sutra says: ‘If even a good monk sees someone destroying the teaching and disregards him, failing to reproach him, to oust him, or to punish him for his offense, then you should realize that that monk is betraying the Buddha’s teaching. But if he ousts the destroyer of the Law, reproaches him, or punishes him, then he is my disciple and a true voice-hearer.’

      “The meaning of this passage is that, if a person striving to propagate the correct teaching of the Buddha should hear and see others propounding the teachings of the sutras in a mistaken manner and fail to reproach them himself or, lacking the power to do that, fail to appeal to the sovereign and in this way take measures to correct them, then he is betraying the Buddha’s teaching. But if, as the sutras direct, he is not afraid of others but censures these slanderers himself and appeals to the sovereign to take measures against them, then he may be called a disciple of the Buddha and a true priest."

      Yet the SGI teaches that the Zen, Nembutsu, Christians, Muslims, and Hindus of today are somehow different. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of sharing the dais with them you should be correcting their errant views.

      “Being therefore determined to avoid the charge of ‘betraying the Buddha’s teaching,’ although I have incurred the hatred of others, I have dedicated my life to Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra, extending compassion to all living beings and rebuking slanders of the correct teaching. Those who cannot understand my heart have tightened their lips and glared at me with furious eyes. But if you are truly concerned about your future existence, you should think lightly of your own safety and consider the Law above all. Thus the Great Teacher Chang-an states, ‘ “[A royal envoy . . . would rather], even though it costs him his life, in the end conceal none of the words of his ruler” means that one’s body is insignificant while the Law is supreme. One should give one’s life in order to propagate the Law.’

      “This passage is saying that, even if one must give up one’s life, one should not conceal the correct teaching; this is because one’s body is insignificant while the Law is supreme. Though one’s body be destroyed, one should strive to propagate the Law.” (ibid.)

      Doesn’t the SGI conceal the True Teaching of the exclusive faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra by holding these interfaith dialogue. Never once do they utter the lion’s roar as did Nichiren during these conferences.

      “And what of these admonitions of mine? Because people regard them with suspicion and refuse to heed them, disasters such as those we now face occur.” (Three Tripitaka Masters Pray For Rain)


    9. “Now this great evil True Word doctrine has spread to Kamakura, deceiving the members of the ruling clan and threatening to bring about the destruction of Japan. This is a matter of the gravest import, and I have not discussed it even with my disciples. Instead I have dissembled, pretending ignorance and filling their ears only with attacks upon Nembutsu and Zen. But since my admonitions continue to go unheeded, without begrudging even my life, I will also tell my disciples what the true situation is.

      “When I do so, they will be even more perplexed, saying that, no matter how admirable or worthy of respect Nichiren may be, he can scarcely surpass Jikaku and Kobo. I fear I will never succeed in banishing all their doubts. How can I dispel them?” (op. cit. Takahashi)

      “It is a grave offense to go against these admonitions, and though invisible to the eye, the error piles up until it sends one plummeting to hell.” (Fourteen Slanders)

      “My admonitions have surpassed even those set forth in the yüeh-fu poems of Po Chüi, and my prophecies are not inferior to those of the Buddha. ” (The Actions of the Votary of the Lotus Sutra)

      “In ancient China, King Chou of the Yin dynasty refused to heed the admonitions of his loyal minister Pi Kan and instead cut out Pi Kan’s heart.” (ibid.)

      “But just as a high wind creates great waves, or a powerful dragon brings forth torrential rains, so my admonitions called forth increasing animosity.” (ibid.)

      “However, he did not heed my admonitions, but rather began to persecute me even more harshly, so there was nothing further I could do. (op. cit. no Safety Threefold World)

      “I, Nichiren, fearing these admonitions of the Buddha, accordingly accused all those throughout the nation who were deserving of it, and more than once I was condemned to exile or to death.” (Letter to Akimoto)

      “Thus, although Shan-wu-wei, Hsüantsang, Kobo, Jikaku, Chisho, and the others put forth a variety of clever arguments, they could produce no passage of scripture proving the Lotus Sutra to be inferior to the Mahavairochana Sutra. Their whole argument rests solely on the question of whether the sutra includes mudras and mantras. Rather than writing hundreds of volumes of argument, traveling back and forth between China and Japan with their unending schemes, and arranging for the promulgation of imperial edicts in order to intimidate people, they would have been better off producing some clear passage of proof in the sutras themselves. Who then could have doubted their assertions??

      Dewdrops accumulate to form a stream, and streams accumulate to form the great ocean. Particles of dust accumulate to form a mountain, and mountains accumulate to form Mount Sumeru. And in the same way, trifling matters accumulate to become grave ones. How much more so in the case of this matter, which is the gravest of all! When these men wrote their commentaries, they should have exerted themselves in examining both the principles and documentary evidence of the two teachings, and when the court issued imperial edicts, it, too, should have delivered its admonitions after thoroughly investigating both sides and citing some clear passage of proof.


    10. Not even the Buddha himself could repudiate his statement that, among all the sutras he has preached, now preaches, and will preach, [the Lotus Sutra stands supreme]. How much less, then, can scholars, teachers, and rulers of states use their authority to do so! This statement [of the Buddha] has been heard by Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four heavenly kings, and duly recorded in their respective palaces.

      So long as the people truly did not know of this statement, it seems that the false interpretations of the teachers I mentioned spread without anyone incurring retribution. But once a person of forceful character has come forward to make this sutra passage known in a bold and uncompromising fashion, then grave matters are certain to occur. Because people have looked down on this person and cursed him, struck him, sent him into exile, or attempted to take his life, Brahma, Shakra, the gods of the sun and moon, and the four heavenly kings have risen up in anger and become that votary’s allies. Thus unexpected censures have come down from heaven, and the people are about to be wiped out and the nation destroyed.

      Though the votary of the Lotus Sutra may be of humble background, the heavenly deities who protect him are fearsome indeed. If an asura tries to swallow the sun or moon, its head will split into seven pieces. If a dog barks at a lion, its bowels will rot. And as I view the situation today, the same sort of retribution is happening here in Japan.

      On the other hand, those who give alms and support to the votary will receive the same benefit as though making offerings to the Lotus Sutra itself. As the Great Teacher Dengyo says in his commentary, “Those who praise him will receive blessings that will pile up as high as Mount Calm and Bright, while those who slander him will be committing a fault that will condemn them to the hell of incessant suffering.”

      The person who offered a humble meal of millet to a pratyekabuddha became the Thus Come One Treasure Brightness. He who offered a mud pie to the Buddha became the ruler of Jambudvipa. Though one may perform meritorious deeds, if they are directed toward what is untrue, then those deeds may bring great evil, but they will never result in good. On the other hand, though one may be ignorant and make meager offerings, if one presents those offerings to a person who upholds the truth, one’s merit will be great. How much more so in the case of people who in all sincerity make offerings to the correct teaching!” (The Bodies and Minds of Ordinary Beings)


    11. Regarding believers in the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha, Nichiren’s compassion and protection was in no way different than a lioness for her cubs. Towards those who would harm the Law and his disciples, he was fearless and uncompromising.

      “… But even bodhisattvas with their great compassion, if they make offerings to the enemies of the Lotus Sutra, are certain to fall into the hell of incessant suffering. On the other hand, even those who commit the five cardinal sins, if they show animosity toward those enemies, will definitely be reborn in the human or heavenly world. King Sen’yo and King Possessor of Virtue, who had destroyed, respectively, five hundred and countless enemies of the Lotus Sutra, became Shakyamuni Buddha in this world. His disciples such as Mahakashyapa, Ananda, Shariputra, Maudgalyayana, and other countless followers were people who, at that time, were in the vanguard, defeating the enemy, or killing them, injuring them, or rejoicing in the fight. The monk Realization of Virtue became Kashyapa Buddha. He was a votary of the Lotus Sutra of great compassion who, at that time, urged King Possessor of Virtue to attack the enemies of the sutra as if they were the ones who had betrayed his father and mother in a previous lifetime.” (On Recommending This Teaching to Your Lord and Avoiding the Offense of Complicity in Slander)

      By making offerings to these slanderers through your interfaith activities you destine yourselves to hell. To have the same mind as Nichiren takes courage.

      We are disciples of the Supreme Votary of the Lotus Sutra. We live his words while others offer lip service to the Daishonin or use him to gain credibility. We will not withold anything of Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings because he lived the Sutra and those who criticize his way are nothing but barking dogs. The teaching of Nichiren is the Succession Through the Scrolls of the Sutra. No intermediary like a special priest or Daisaku Ikeda is necessary. The SGI should immediately disband and humbly approach us to receive a True Object of Worship so that they can lessen the karmic retribution they have brought upon themselves. They are not true believers. At best they are parrots of “the Daimoku of SGI”. To chant Namu Myoho renge kyo while abandoning and causing others to abandon the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha and expect to attain Buddhahood is as futile as entering a treasure mountain without hands. There is no benefit chanting Namu Myoho renge kyo with one’s mouth while chanting Namu Daisaku Ikeda or Namu SGI with one’s heart. If it were possible to attain Buddhahood without confronting evil, the Buddha and Nichiren Daishonin would be great liars.


    12. Here is what Nichiren says about those who chant the Daimoku but go against the Sutra:

      “They entirely look up to groups of icchantikas and rely on them as leaders and, reverencing blasphemers against the Dharma, make them national teachers. Taking up the Classic Filial Piety of Confucious, they beat their parents’ heads and, while chanting the Lotus Sutra of Lord Shakya with their mouths, they go against the Master of teachings.

      As far as converting others, Nichiren teaches in, On Establishing the Correct Law for the Peace of the Land:

      “How can we do any good thing without criticizing them?”

      “We should rather eliminate (this one sided teaching) than perform ten thousand prayers.”

      “You should stop the fountainhead, you should cut out the root.”

      “If you wish to realize the peace of our country quickly, you should eliminate them (mistaken doctrines) from our country.”

      “If the four kinds of devotees of all the countries of the world stop making offerings to the bad priests and take refuge in the Good Law, no calamity will take place.”

      and finally, in conclusion (very last sentences).

      “I will not satisfy myself with the pleasure of believing the Right Law. I will lead others by correcting their mistakes.”

      This is not just a call for the leaders of the country but a call for his disciples and believers. That is why so many copies of this treatise was circulated. Thanks to Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra, the disciples and believers of Nichiren will overcome the oppression of the Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians and the provisional Buddhists in the west and in India and Southeast Asia.

      Now let me say a little bit about defilement and mixing:

      “The third is being defiled, which means that the contents can be contaminated. Though the water itself may be pure, if filth is dumped into it, then the water in the vessel ceases to be of any use.’

      By exchanging ideas with the heretics in a friendly congenial manner, rather than break and subdue, we ourselves become defiled. Tientai states, “From the indigo, an even deeper blue.” When we dilute the indigo through interfaith we get a pale facsimile of the indigo.


    13. “Or we may be the kind of practitioners of the Lotus Sutra whose mouths are reciting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo one moment, but Namu Amida Butsu the next. This is like mixing filth with one’s rice, or putting sand or pebbles in it. This is what the Lotus Sutra is warning against when it says, “Desiring only to accept and embrace the sutra of the great vehicle and not accepting a single verse of the other sutras.”

      Not accepting a single verse of the other sutras, means not accepting a single verse of the Koran, Bible, Torah or Vedas, let alone the Agamas, the Pure Land, and the Collection Of Wisdom Sutras.

      “The learned authorities in the world today suppose that there is no harm in mixing extraneous practices with the practice of the Lotus Sutra, and I, Nichiren, was once of that opinion myself. But the passage from the sutra [that I have just quoted] does not permit such a view. Suppose that a woman who had been the consort of a great king and had become pregnant with his seed should then turn round and marry a man of common stature. In such a case, the seed of the king and the seed of the commoner would become mixed together, and as a result, the aid and assistance of heaven and the protection of the patron deities would be withdrawn, and the kingdom would face ruin. The child born from two such fathers would be neither a king nor a commoner, but someone who belongs not to the human realm.

      This is one of the most important points in the Lotus Sutra. The doctrine of the sowing of the seed and its maturing and harvesting is the very heart and core of the Lotus Sutra. All the Buddhas of the three existences and the ten directions have invariably attained Buddhahood through the seeds represented by the five characters of Myoho-renge-kyo. The words Namu Amida Butsu are not the seeds of Buddhahood, nor can the mantras or the five precepts act as such seeds. One must be perfectly clear about this point, because this is the fault referred to as being mixed.”

      These friendly interfaith meetings are mixing the clean with the unclean. These blasphemers must be remanded to the audience. they may not sit on the platform of Unexcelled Enlightenment with the True Preachers of the Dharma. They are not welcome to preach their heretical Dharma in the home or temple of a disciple or believer of Nichiren: “I’m sorry, you will have to sit down and refrain from positing your heretical views, or you will be asked to leave.” They may ask questions and they my praise the Lotus Sutra and their votaries but they will have to do so from the audience. Debate is a whole other story. These interfaith SGI meeting are a meeting of the minds, a consensus. There is no compromise with evil, according to Nichiren Daishonin. We must never defer to the provisional Buddhist schools let alone those of the non-Buddhists lest we be guilty of complicity like the SGI.


    14. “The scholars of the various schools continue to cling to the mistaken opinions of their respective teachers. Therefore, they declare that Buddhist practices must be accommodated to the people’s capacities, or they defer to the opinions of their founders or try to persuade the worthy rulers of the time to be their allies. The upshot of all this is that in the end they give themselves up wholly to evil intentions, engage in wrangling and doctrinal disputes, and take delight in inflicting injury upon people who are guilty of no fault.” (Letter From Teradomari)

      These are the causes and effects, the thoughts, words, and deeds of those who go against the Lotus Sutra. One who has the very same thoughts, words, and deeds of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin can never give themselves up to evil intentions, follow evil teachers, or engage in wrangling and doctrinal disputes since we have the same noble intentions, embrace the very same doctrines, and never delight in injuring people who are guilty of no fault. Those guilty of no fault are the disciples and believers of Nichiren. Those guilty of great faults are the Soka Gakkai, the Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews.

      Nichiren also writes:

      “Answer: Chang-an writes: “Hence [T’ien-t’ai’s explanation of the title in] the preface conveys the profound meaning of the sutra. The profound meaning indicates the heart of the text, and the heart of the text encompasses the whole of the theoretical and essential teachings.” And Miao-lo writes, “On the basis of the heart of the text of the Lotus Sutra, one can evaluate all the other various teachings of the Buddha.”

      We can also evaluate the non-Buddhist teachings and reveal their fallacies. We can evaluate the devotees of these religions and point out their faults. There is no common ground and there is no compromise. Chant Namu Myoho renge kyo or fall into hell.

      Nichiren writes:

      “The Great Teacher Chia-hsiang wrote the ten-volume Hokke Genron, and that would under ordinary circumstances have condemned him to fall into the hell of incessent suffering. But he set aside his own manner of reading the Lotus Sutra and served the Great Teacher Tientai, and thus was able to escape the pains of hell.” (Akimoto Gosho)


    15. Is interfaith, Nichiren’s manner of reading the Sutra? Can anyone say so and back up their point of view? In the Opening of the Eyes he takes to task Confucianism, Brahmanism, Taoism, and each and every provisional Buddhist teaching. Were he aware of Christianity and Islam would he not take them to task? Would he join them in prayers [or friendly discussions], even for the sake of peace? Never. He never did nor would he ever and neither will we [unlike the SGI who is so steeped in slander that they can neither distinguish black from white].

      Today all the sects have a different manner than Nichiren Daishonin in the way they read the Lotus Sutra. Their mistaken doctrines and practices are proof that they have their own manner of reading the Sutra. The SGI is so worried about being liked and accepted that they have abandoned the Lotus Sutra and the Supreme Votary. Ikeda is so preoccupied with receiving awards and honors he will compromise with the devil. It is ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million times better to be hated as Nichiren Daishonin and speak the truth to slanderers:

      Among all these men, Nichiren alone deserves to be regarded as the foremost. In what sense is he the foremost?? He is foremost in being hated by men and women…”

      He explains why:

      “But I, Nichiren, one man alone, declare that the recitation of the name of Amida Buddha is an action that leads to rebirth in the hell of incessant suffering, that the Zen school is the invention of the heavenly devil, that the True Word school is an evil doctrine that will destroy the country, and that the Precepts school and the observers of the precepts are traitors to the nation.”

      While the modern “reformers” of the Nichiren sect [who I call blasphemers], Daisaku Ikeda, Arai Nissatsu, and Udai-in Nichiki have changed the Four Dictums of Nichiren to fit in with their limited slanderous worldview, the disciples and believers of Nichiren include Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism too, as falling under the Four Dictums:

      “Because we contemplate the Buddha, ceaselessly devils are quieted; because our words are true, traitors who would destroy the nation are subdued.” –Nissatsu

      “The modern significance of the four dictums is not limited to the simple refutation of Japanese Buddhist schools, but in fully developing the positive power of human life. This is the Mystic Law of the simultaneity of cause and effect inherent in human life, and to embrace it is to create boundless value.”– Ikeda



    16. Nichiren’s life and death struggle was a mere “simple refutation” to Daisaku Ikeda. Then he goes on with a non sequitor to change the subject which is offensive to his slanderous ears. This is what all the SGI do when I perform Nichiren Daishonin’s practice of Shakabuku, as if it is divorced from Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. It is the very heart of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism and our practice for the sake of others.

      We embrace Nichiren Daishonin’s Four Dictums and expand them to make Eight Dictums, Twenty Eight Dictums, One Thousand Dictims, such as Christianity is the teaching of heavenly demons, Islam is the teaching of blind heretics, Hinduism is the teaching of parasitic worms, and Judaism is the teachings of misanthropes.

      I will conclude with more words from Letter to Akimoto:

      “Because I do so, from the sovereign on down to the common people, all people fear me more than they would an enemy of their parents, an enemy from a past existence, a plotter of treason, a night raider, or a bandit. They rage, they curse, they strike at me. Those who slander me are given grants of land, while those who praise me are driven from their areas or fined, and the people who desire to kill me are singled out for rewards. And on top of all this, I have twice incurred the wrath of the authorities.

      I am not only the strangest person alive in the world today; in the ninety reigns of human sovereigns, in the more than seven hundred years since the Buddhist teachings were first introduced to Japan, there has never been such a strange person. I, Nichiren, am like the great comet of the Bun’ei era (1264), a disorder of the heavens such as had never happened in Japan before that time. I, Nichiren, am like the great earthquake of the Shoka era (1257), a freak of the earth that had never before occurred in this land.

      In Japan since the history of this country began, there have been twenty- six perpetrators of treason. The first was Prince Oyama, the second was Oishi no Yamamaru, and so on down to the twenty-fifth, Yoritomo, and the twenty-sixth, Yoshitoki. The first twenty-four of these men were struck down by the imperial forces and had their heads put on display at the prison gate, or their corpses left to rot in the mountain fields. But the last two succeeded in overthrowing the sovereign and gaining complete control of the nation, and at that time the imperial rule came to an end.

      And yet these various perpetrators of treason are less hated by the mass of people than is Nichiren. If you ask why that should be, I will tell you. The Lotus Sutra contains a passage declaring that that sutra is first among all the sutras. However, the Great Teacher Kobo declares that the Lotus Sutra ranks third, while the Great Teacher Jikaku declares that the Lotus Sutra ranks second, and the Great Teacher Chisho agrees with Jikaku. Hence at present, when the priests of Mount Hiei, To-ji, and Onjo-ji look upon the Lotus Sutra, they read the passage that says the Lotus Sutra is first, but what they understand when they read it is that the Lotus Sutra is second or third in standing.

      Neither the nobility nor the warrior clans have any detailed information about this matter. But since the eminent priests in whom they place their faith all subscribe to this opinion, the laity share the same view as their teachers.”

      In like manner, the disciples and believers of Daisaku Ikeda share their mentor's view that the Lotus Sutra has lost its power in the Latter Age. To support this mistaken view, they cite one or both passages from the writings of Nichiren Daishonin that an ignorant might take as proof, ignoring his more than three thousand citations that exalt the Lotus Sutra. We know why the Soka Gakkai makes such claims while ignoring the vast majority of the writings of Nichiren ... Were their members to embrace the Lotus Sutra and the entirety of the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, they would realize that there is no need for a living mentor in the seat of the Law or an organization that teaches contrary to the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Daishonin

    17. You Anonymous had better refute every single point of the above essay, or get lost.

  2. However, there is a difference if one chants the daimoku while acting against the intent of this sutra. There are various stages in the practice of this sutra [and various forms of slander exist accordingly]. Let me sum them up by quoting from volume five of The Annotations on “The Words and Phrases of the Lotus Sutra”: “In defining the types of evil, The Words and Phrases of the Lotus Sutra states briefly, ‘Expound among the wise but not among the foolish.’5 One scholar6 enumerates the types of evil as follows: ‘I will first list the evil causes and then their effects. There are fourteen evil causes: (1) arrogance, (2) negligence, (3) wrong views of the self, (4) shallow understanding, (5) attachment to earthly desires, (6) not understanding, (7) not believing, (8) scowling with knitted brows, (9) harboring doubts, (10) slandering, (11) despising, (12) hating, (13) envying, and (14) bearing grudges.’” Since these fourteen slanders apply equally to priesthood and laity, you must be on guard against them. (WND I: 92 The Fourteen Slanders )

    When I read a passage like the fourteen slanders I interrupt it as the Daishonin's admonishment for the individual to follow; I don't believe the Daisonin's writes about slander so the practitioners of true Mahayana Buddhism to use against others, Never Disparaging (Jpn. Fukyo) was a good example of this. As for Never Disparaging, his example is a good one for all people to follow. He bowed to everyone in reverence and respected their innate Buddha nature. No matter how they abused him, All I see here is a bunch of people trying to sound smarter than each other. I see all of these fourteen slanders embedded in your blog. This is following the devils of the 4 evil paths, and most certainly not following the Dharma Law.

    The four realms of hell, hungry spirits, animals, and asuras. Considered the lowest four of the Ten Worlds, they are called evil because they are characterized by suffering. Nevertheless, the world of asuras is counted as one of the three good paths, because those in it possess a will that is not entirely controlled by the environment. Yet those who remain in this state ultimately do harm to themselves through their own arrogance. Traditionally, the four evil paths were considered the physical realms into which people fall because of the evil karma they had created by the commission of evil acts.

    It would be wise for a person to self reflect on their own negative tendencies, rather than focusing on others. I hope that you can set aside criticism and find value in this post.

  3. And yet, how odd that most people in SGI either do not care or don't realize that they are Ikeda-ists and only very remotely are they Buddhists, if at all. Surely, this is their karma, non? And the coffers grow ever larger under false deification.

    Such empty/misguided hands in prayer...

    1. people stuck in a cult, don't know they are in a cult. until they get removed from the cult. some ugly truth.

  4. anonymous(no name), the sgi does not understand the never disparaging chapter. you reread in in its entirety . buddhism ,yes, respects all life. however, nowhere does it mention respecting lying and manipulation. changing the teachings and using them for selfish gain is not the message either. sgi has hijacked nichirens lotus sutra buddhism and turned into non-buddhist crap. also please make up your mind whether you and the sgi believe in the teachings of the eternal buddha shakyamuni/lotus sutra or whether it is separate from nichirens myoho renge kyo. because in the recent past sgi/nst claimed that the teachings of nichiren were different from the lotus sutra. you can't have it both ways. then we can have a real discussion about buddhism and its teachings. most sgi cult members are incapable of discussing the teachings. let see how you do.

    lying and manipulating people and leading them in a extremely wrong direction is not respect for all life. or is it in ikedaland? brush up on the teachings.

    the practice for the latter age is correcting wrong thought. so if you wish to correct wrong thought you must do so through the teachings. good luck.

    1. ah ! the teachings. its all here.- excellent!

      the question remans: does anonymous and his kinzoku have the good fortune to read it,can he comprehend?

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  6. the nichiren shoshit is the parent of the sgi and their teachings are both incorrect. from the rotten tree comes rotten fruit.

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  8. no name aka anonymous, if one lies to you for their selfish gain but uses sweet words, is that being respectful?

  9. Anon -

    Never Disparaging

    “I have profound reverence for you, I would never dare treat you with disparagement or arrogance. Why? Because you are all practicing the bodhisattva way and are certain to attain Buddhahood.”

    Note the following: "Because you are all practicing the bodhisattva way and are certain to attain Buddhahood.”

    And now for SGI "teaching":

    "The oneness, or shared commitment, of mentor-disciple forms the essence of Buddhist practice. If we forget the mentor-disciple relationship, we cannot attain Buddhahood."

    Page 115 Lecture on Heritage of Ulimate Law of Life SGI Malaysia 2009.

    Note the following: "we cannot attain Buddhahood."

    A completely different teaching.

    Is there any greater disparagement than to teach people that the attainment of Buddhahood is dependent on some cooked up "way of mentor-disciple" rather than on embracing the Lotus Sutra?

    Indeed the Sutra and Never Disparaging take the veiw that everyone is certain to attain Buddhahood. To not teach the same is to disbelieve and thus slander the Sutra, it's certainly not to embrace it and believe in it.

    Nichiren didn't stay silent when the Sutra was being slandered. What you Anon, are suggesting is that people here should, because you have deemed it confrontational.

    Just how deep is your faith and how true your practice if you are willing to support an organisation that teaches against the Sutra?

    And trying to change SGI from within? Well good luck with that now all of the safeguards have been circumvented. SGI has become a corrupt organisation, some would say it always was, it's a question of degree.

    The only silver lining is that it's also a shrinking organisation, in no small part to the tireless efforts of Mark, Greg, Noel, Katie and others across the net, to point out and highlight the very serious deviations of SGI doctrine, made largely from what I can see for the pursuit of money and power. Why else would you want to try and force a following to a mentor by using buddhahood as a lever?

    It stinks, you've just been in the privy for to long, you no longer smell it.

    1. Well said Mb what you say really takes the self righteous stuffing out of that pompous SGI bird brain who needs to self reflect on his own negative tendencies and of his organisation and mentor though the mirror of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren's writings before he judges others using Gosho

      Ironically the Gosho's that Anon has used incriminates the organisation that Anon supports

    2. excellent reply! - both.

      anon, pls continue to read the teachings here. whether you like us, or not is irrelevant. nichiren didn't run a popularity contest, nor do we. the truth of buddhism is at stake. cheers.

  10. Anon, I have one vital point to make in rebuttal to your current assessment of the SGI. You reference the gosh, "The Fourteen Slanders", focusing on human interactions. This is indeed an important teaching, but it is not the teaching that addresses the slander that we are focusing on, in fact , if you were to read Nichiren's writings-- even the two volume set Gakkai published, which would equal, (pages-wise) the 6th and 7th books in the Harry Potter series, or "Gone With The Wind" x 2, you will find that Nichiren began his propagation activities on the premise that the misery of the people in Japan in the mid 1200's was due to *slander* of Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni -- Slander, defined as Disregarding, discarding-- not in the sense of making blatant statements deprecating the highest teaching of the True Buddha. You will also find that there were schools of Buddhism during Nichiren's time that claimed to be based on the Lotus Sutra, like the True Word school, whose priests propagated a teaching based on personal, material gain-- very similar to the SGI's focus. What you will discover, studying the writings of Nichiren is that he clearly taught that the most crucial capacity we must develop is knowing how judge correct from incorrect teachings and good from evil teachers. The SGI study department uses the mere excerpts, out of context, and lectures on points that address their agenda, which in large part appears to be controlling members' behavior, particularly with regard to their questioning leaders on matters of doctrine and correct practice.

    That said, I would like to simply put forward the rationale behind this site and others that the SGI monitors and condemns. Again, based entirely on the writings of Nichiren Daishonin, the practice of refuting erroneous teachings and clarifying the correct teaching is emphasized. SGI will claim that rebuking the NST and their High Priest takes care of that crucial part of your practice. Here, you will find that there are more similarities than differences between the SGI and the NST, which stands to reason as you know from 28 years of practice, since SGI was closely connected to NST.

    In addition to worshipping the fake Dai -Gohonzon, SGI also upheld the false teaching that Nichiren is the Original Buddha. Early in my practice I questioned both of these doctrines based on having read all translated Gosho-- NO MENTION of either by Nichiren-- and no indication that either were even connected to his teachings and practice. (details of these issues are here on this site).
    The NST claims life blood lineage to Nichiren and elevates the High Priest to a status above practitioners; SGI elevates Daisaku Ikeda in the same way- the former is based on forged transfer documents, the latter is based on a fabricated teaching, Mentor/Disciple.

    Both SGI and NST disregard Shakyamuni and the Lotus Sutra - focusing only on Nichiren, the daimoku and the Gohonzon, though not doing so in depth, or with reverence for Nichiren.-- Reading the Gosho thoroughly, you will gain insight into how this current situation mirrors the conditions that prompted Nichiren to speak out-- at the risk of his own life, for the sake of *the people* of Japan. Then, it was Shakyamuni & his Lotus Sutra that was discarded or exploited; today it is Nichiren's teachings that are discarded AND exploited by SGI & NST.

    I live in the U.S where SGI has been propagating erroneous, slanderous teachings for the past 56 years. Our society is in a state of moral decay, our economy is in shambles. A far cry from a peaceful and prosperous society. I strongly encourage you to seek the answers to this paradox in the writings of Nichiren and investigate this site for further study and clarification of the practice we are engaged in as genuine followers of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism.

    Katie Tierney Higgins
    Watertown, MA

  11. anon - we know the teachings here.

    your words, "some people err because.............."

    here is what nichiren taught. pay attention. - "there are two basic reasons people make mistakes in their practice of buddhism, 1. they are ignorant of the teachings. 2. they follow a bad leader."

    we are not ignorant of the teachings, while the sgi and nst members have proven over and over that they are ignorant of the teachings. our teacher/leader is nichiren. nst follows the high priest and the sgi follows ikeda. what say you?

  12. WAY TO GO ANON. "Follow a leader"???? Why do you think in terms of status? I go to this person who is a regular old practicioner NOT A LEADER.

  13. In other words I don't follow a leader!

  14. NO!!! my teacher, mentor and master is the “eternal Law at one with the eternal Buddha.” and I go to different people for suggestions, advise and guidance. Just because I might be clever or smart doesn't mean my faith is any stronger than the little old lady down the street with a 4th grade education. Same goes for Ikeda or whoever. They're just another bloke trying to get by in this crazy world. cheers

    1. How do you demonstrate that your master is the "eternal Law" ?

      I bet you face Gohonzon, firmly convinced you are *Buddha* and proceed to spew out you wish list!

      I bet you believe Nichiren was the Original Buddha and Shakyamuni is insignificant for *our time*

      I bet you think that reflecting on yourself-- your feelings, your aspirations, your desires is PRAYER that activates the power of the Law!

      I bet you believe that whenever one of your wishes comes to fruition, , you have changed earthly desires to your own enlightenment.

      For starters....

  15. by the way you have 2 different anonymous people posting. The first anon is sun entity. This is Bob White.

  16. More like ten or twenty anonymous posters. And who might that be,the eternal Buddha at one with the eternal Law?

  17. This is but the tip of the ice berg that is sinking your titanic organisation

    Marks Eagle Peak blog is like being on a ship that crosses the sea of sufferings of birth and death while the SGI has become like those that "have abandoned the wonderful teaching that is pure and perfect, and sink again into the sea of the sufferings of birth and death.

    It is pitiful beyond description that, though born in a land where the people’s capacity to receive the perfect teaching is fully mature, they vainly fall back into the great citadel of the hell of incessant suffering."

    GET TO THE POINT with some evidence, docttine and proof intstead of just spewing out that this is the flavor of the week website! response to Noel Patton. Bob

  18. ANON's original post was quite provoking as you can see...this is almost as good as a winbeldon tennis match!

  19. In the green mountains out here in the outback, the common people are exposing your doctrine. And we are expanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with THE common people. Sorry game over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently we're the only ones that have the guts to stand up to you!!!! Sun entity is going to respond to all of your ridiculous comments

    1. For twenty years or more Ikeda sect members are going here and there, prematurely claiming great wins in the debate while they eventually crawl away in defeat. You will be no different because you base your arguments on Ikedaism while we base ours on the Lotus Sutra and the writings of Nichiren.

  20. 'Apparently we're the only ones that have the guts to stand up to you!!!! Sun entity is going to respond to all of your ridiculous comments"

    Which doctrine?

    I can't wait.

  21. Waits over....they're cooooommmming

  22. I'm not with GMW or your forever sensei! Read again from george m williams pic, before you snuff it off. No wonder Watertown has been like the walking dead. Get wid it.all your arguments are personally based with very little meat or doctrine. Glad that you're on this website so you can at least learn from mark. Why don't you spend some time listening than talking out of the side of your neck!

    1. Katie Tierney Higgins, here-- who are YOU??

      making statements about Watertown, my practice--??

      A cowardly ANON--

      Tsk !Tsk!!


  23. Eagle Peak Blog where the fun never stops.