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Sunday, June 12, 2016

“A month of calamity everywhere for the non-believers.” -- Abu Muhammad al-Adnani


  1. "Statements by government officials have also fueled speculation that the Orlando shooting could have been carried out in connection with or out of sympathy for ISIS.
    At a news conference in Orlando, FBI assistant special agent in charge Ron Hopper confirmed that the alleged shooter, Omar Mateen, 29, had been investigated by federal authorities over possible militant ties in the 2013 and 2014, but that the investigations had been inconclusive."

    The above excerpt form tis article speaks to a very disconcerting repetitive disclosures about what was known about confirmed terrorists by U.S. intelligence and NOT acted on with any degree of prudent responsibility for the safety of Americans-- Recall that the elder Tsarnaev brother, who was killed on the street in my community during a shoot out with local police, had a record of prior investigation by the FBI--

    Why are our so-called intelligence experts and elected or appointed public servants so freaking inept? Why do THEY appear to have lost their True minds??

    It is no small matter that SGI has made an ostensible showing of *embracing* ALL other religions, via their *Inter faith initiative*--But the real, and more urgent issue, centers on the perpetuation of the slanderous teachings and practices of the SGI in America; that the SGI itself is the *body* whose shadow is again seen in an unprecedented act of carnage -this one, called, "the deadliest mass shooting in American history"-- perpetrated by a man who was employed as a *government* security officer; able to legally purchase deadly weapons and not restrained in any way by the FBI who had investigated his possible ties to ISIS.

    "If people favor what is only incidental and forget what is primary, can the benevolent deities be anything but angry? If people cast aside what is perfect and take up what is biased, can the world escape the plots of demons?" ("On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land")


  2. basically it all, and i mean all. comes down to - because to a man/women, people turn their backs on what is right, society becomes disordered and the spirits run rampant.

    there are many likes. one example is the immigration problem. the laws are on the books, but because for 50 years they have been monkeyed with and abused, the problem has long become untenable . what the sgi and the other sects have done to the buddhas dharma is without doubt the root of egregious evil in this world. it certainly is not necessary to hate in order to do the right thing. a good question for the nst/sgi leaders/members is why are things constantly getting worse. very much so in japan and the world as a whole. because - they think if they make nice, nice with everybody(all religions), things will improve. they don't get it because they have no real faith in the lotus sutra/nichiren.

    the first five years of my practice with the nsa/sgi, ikeda and the upper leadership bragged constantly about how great japan was doing due mostly to all the wonderful shakubuku being done by the soka gakkai. the sgi/nst turn smart people into idiots.

    or should i just shorten it and say, avarice, anger and stupidity are rampant. welcome to the latter age.

  3. And as the two Brahmin debated at wguch point the life of the deer's life would exit it's body, the Buddha went iver and pulled out the arrow from the suffering creature.

    No Katie, or Mark or Greg. Not one thought expressed for the 50 people who lost their lives, the 53 who lay injured some of whom may yet to follow the same fate or their families and friends who are currently grieving the loss of their loved ones. There is a time and a place and one day after such an event is not it. Shame on you all.

    1. I chanted through the night for the repose of the victims, for their families and for everyone who was suffering... including me--after a full day of sobbing, mostly with my daughter.

      My son and his partner were celebrating Pride Day, participants in the parade in Boston on Sunday, along with many members of the gay community and LGBT supporters who are very dear friends of mine. They were amongst the suffering, grieving people I was praying for...

      Not that I need reminders of the hatred that exists for the LGBT community, I will never forget the scourge of the AIDS epidemic, and the shameful displays of prejudice from my professional nursing colleagues!!

      I wrote here from the awakenings I have experienced over the past 4 years, and directed my thoughts toward *digging out the root*-- because I have also noted that righteous anger is more productive than hellish grief, though the latter always gives rise to the former when I take my issues to the Gohonzon, and seek refuge in the Lotus Sutra.

      I don't mind being questioned... so long as I am permitted a response

    2. the realm (world) of anger has its enlightened aspect. the same with the other eight. any other teaching that says that one should not feel anger , is either sgi buddhism, or possibly christianity, but it is not lotus sutra buddhism.

  4. hey mudpie, how come you didn't save them? i don't remember reading anything about the tragic event from you. just some finger pointing.

    you think no one here cares about the negative effects this world is receiving? ridiculous.
    standing up for the true buddhist teachings is done here just for fun.
    what do you think the buddha is referring to? magic?

  5. My prayers are for the victims. My words of rebuke are for the perpetrators and their Q'uran.

  6. mudpie- agreed. what happened in orlando is very upsetting. cheers.

  7. Thanks for all your responses and I'm heartened by them. I stand by the thrust of my post, which boils down to there is a time and a place. This is a public forum, others are not mind readers, they may feel our prayers and be bouyed by them but if our words don't convey what is in our hearts, however can they make that link. I notice that in reponding to tradgedy, Nichiren always responds to the all too human sense of loss and grief first, sometimes so touchingly. I think we should remember that and learn from it.

    Thank you Katie, me too, I lost almost 20 close friends in a decade through the AIDS years, including 2 flatmates. Indeed my first proof of this practuce was being able to handle that more humanely and creatively, particularly the increased ability to give support just at the right time and in the right way, as I began to chant. I had all the status and marerial things I could want before I practiced, the solution to such suffering, that I did not have, until I started to chant. For me, this defines Nichiren's Buddhism & the Sutra. And yes, correcting error does have an important place in this.

    Thank you all for responding and clarifying :)