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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The following is a summary of the October 2013 SGI USA national leader's meeting: 

"When You Lose You Actually Win." 



Tariq Hassan: 

We just got back from Japan receiving guidance and meeting Sensei. Though it was a hard time with the loss of the LDP and Komeito, Sensei was in high spirits. He gave us tremendous guidance, "When you lose you actually win!". So very important, the unity of mentor and disciple as we walk along side our mentor. Sensei said to his Japanese leaders, "please learn from America the spirit of oneness of mentor and disciple". We met Hiromasa Ikeda and Vice President Hasagawa who said: "facing times of change, how much greater the mission of America. With ever deeper faith in the oneness of mentor and disciple we will protect sensei." Again, as disciples of President Ikeda let us joyfully advance. We make the mentor proud when we unite wholeheartedly with him. With the Mentor we will always win (does that mean lose? HA HA). Sensei's guidance was on the importance of statistics and statistics department. I am the head of the statistics department though I didn't volunteer for this job (joke). There will be monthly statistics meetings for the districts. New form to remove someone from the SGI statistics roll. I will be happy to assist the SGI in doing statistics. In Japan, it takes six months before someone is removed from statistical rolls, signature of district and chapter chief required. 

Linda Johnson: 

Chant to live up to the mentor. Learn from President Ikeda. He gets this Buddhism. He has never lost (then he has never won?? HA HA sorry to interrupt). Linda J. continues, To manifest your capacity...vital to study Sensei. Send out only Sensei's encouragment on the internet not your own. Lets learn from the best. Home visit every member. It is the time to teach them about Sensei and how to win (which is really losing???). "Bless her" (Kitty Shapiro who helped her when she was a new member) hallelujah. Chant to let me win. (shouldn't she have said, chant to let me lose which is actually to win?). Then she spoke about the attitude one should have when we chant. Maybe she mentioned the Gohonzon one or two times. Determine that your members will win today. Challenge ourselves to care about the members winning. Never leave a home visit without impressing on that person the oneness of mentor of disciple. This is the eternal formula we must get and teach. To insure through our care that every single member always tap unlimited potential and win we must practice with the spirit of mentor and disciple. Change our lives, the lives of our family, and this country. 

Next young mens's division leader Nathan (Abraham Lincoln) Gauer: 

Who will uphold Sensei's legacy? 50th anniversary of his visit to America in July. Culture festivals. Sensei determined to spend the remaining part of his life in America, the country he loves best. Culture Festival for Sensei. REALLY REALLY GREAT (Must be spending too much time with Danny Nagashima.) Real short speech. 

Vanissa Shaw national YWD leader, Crest toothpaste girl, actress, and Ikeda disciple extroadinaire: 

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK THE ERA. ROCK THE ERA MEETINGS AND FESTIVALS IN JULY. AMERICA CAPITAL OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. "Entire focus, the mentor". duh. As Sensei has said always sing a gakkai song during our Rock The Era meetings. Sensei we will create the capital of mentor disciple. 

Keith Beeber student division leader: National direction... shakabuku on college campuses. Since July, 15 universities 200 guests and 35 shakabuku. Carry on the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple based on the mentors guidance form student groups. Bring joy to Sensei by warmly embracing our leaders. 

Danny Nagashima shouting as usual: 

HELLO EVERYONE ARE YOU HAPPY? THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We did 1984 shakabuku in the month of august, the most in twenty years. We have been waiting for this moment for twenty years. (somewhat surprisingly, muted cheering and clapping). The time has come. We have to create AMERICA WITH YOUTH DIVISION. I'M THIRTY YEARS OLD. EVERYONE IS YOUTH DIVISION. AS LONG AS WE SEEK SENSEI WE CAN REMAIN YOUNG. THE KEY TO VICTORY IS STATISTICS. 70 % increase in membership (I have a bridge to sell you). As a disciple of Daisaku Ikeda,the oneness of mentor and disciple IS THE KEY. We will make exhibits of mentor and disciple. Fifty years since Sensie's first visit to United States. We are experiencing in America, the great character of Daisaku Ikeda, we are fusing with him. Something genuine is the oneness of mentor and disciple. What is the Genuine meaning of oneness of mentor and disciple? SEEKING SENSEI (Im getting a freaking migraine). Genuine disciple of sensei is never defeated. Ever victorious. Always winning. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. With your bond with sensei you will be ever victorius, EVER VICTORIOUS WITH SENSEI (flailing his arms and coming back to his chest), with sensei. SCREAMING AGAIN. YOU BODHISATTVAS TO CREATE EVER VICTORIOUS AMERICA. HOW MUCH CAN WE CREATE THIS KANSAI. KANSAI NEVER LOST SINCE 1957. Orlando Cepeda joke and then 7 points of victory for Kansai. Oneness of mentor and disciple, repeating it again several times. SHOUTING AGAIN: READING GOSHO AND SENSEI'S GUIDANCE; UNITY; FIGHT AGAINST INJUSTICE; LIGHTENING SPEED IN COMMUNICATIONS AND GUIDANCE; ACTION ACTION ACTION; ALWAYS WIN (which means lose?); Last one I didn't get(BECOME A LION?) BASED ON ONENESS OF MENTOR AND DISCIPLE. 

Platitudes upon platitudes. 

6 mentions of Nichiren Daishonin. > 100 mentions of Ikeda. No mention of Shakyamuni. One or, at most, two mentions of the Gohonzon, No mention of the Lotus Sutra. 

Are they winning? That must mean losing HA HA. 

Protect Sensei? The guy's already got dozens of body guards who will take a bullet for his old self but they want you to protect him all the way from New Jersey. 

On October 13, 1282, surrounded by his disciples and followers, and reciting with them the "Stanzas of Eternity" (Ji Ga Ge) from the 16th Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Nichiren expired at the age of sixty one. The cherry trees bloomed out of season and the earth quaked. Our tears flow unceasingly. "When You Lose You Actually Win." or  HOW FORTUNATE I AM TO HAVE A MENTOR LIKE THIS. 


  1. This must have been 2010??

    Sensei passed the baton to the SGI USA Youth Divisions - via a ghost written message read at the Rock The Era activity July 2010. Senior leaders immediately took the reigns. First order of business: Suspend all SGI District level activities for the month of December so that members can enjoy the Holidays with their loved ones. Home visits from senior leaders will be the focus (me- forewarned is forearmed)

    Linda Johnson goes rogue in a double page spread article in the WT, "Buddhahood is not something we need to attain" [we are already Buddhas]- Nichiren says so in the Gosho, "On Attaining Buddhahood"--The party is ON! Atty. Johnson states her case:" Nichiren said this, but really meant that, or in this case, Nichiren was *confused*?

    Danny Nagashima's memorable proclamation :" I'M THIRTY YEARS OLD.EVERYONE IS YOUTH DIVISION. AS LONG AS WE SEEK SENSEI WE CAN REMAIN YOUNG." -- Fast forward 5 years. Danny is looking *not so young*. What's up? Maybe Danny stopped seeking Sensei? He then loses his General Director position to the younger, but more flinty looking former CFO, Aidin Straus (rumor has it Aidin was never seeking Sensei) --

    And how come the World Center for Kosen Rufu was built in Tokyo--NOT Los Angeles-- like Sensei promised in his sappy poem to his young american friends??

    And isn't Sensei supposed to live out the end of his days in the U.S. ??

    "Are they winning? That must mean losing HA HA. "

    Stay tuned....

    ~Katie LOL

  2. they need a power center and tokyo, japan is it. if the really believed the u s a was the place........they would have built it here.

    for the u s a, this is good news.

    1. " if they really believed the u s a was the place........they would have built it here."
      so, once again:

      "Are they winning? That must mean losing HA HA. "

      but good news for the USA,--
      thanks greg, how true!!