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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fukushima documentary


  1. where is the protection?????????

    back in the late 60's and 70" sgi used to brag about how week japan was doing. due mainly to the shakubuku efforts of their cult.

  2. leigh and the nest of slanderers you call friends:
    all buddhism teaches respect for life not just the lotus sutra. a respect for life is not lying or manipulating people for money and power. it also does not support changing the teachings and egregious slander. and it most certainly does not support teaching a way of earning a ticket to the avichi hell. sgi, like everything else, distorts the main meaning of "the never disparaging chapter", again, for selfish gain. you should be very ashamed of yourself and your cult. it is hurting the world and the people. what we see in this world is nothing but a reflection of the lotus sutra turned upside down. though out japan buddhism is nothing but a business for profit, and the sgi is top of the list.
    nichiren identified with this chapter because it explains how one accumulates and expiates evil karma. this is the lesson in this chapter. nichiren used it to explain how life works. get a decent translation and re-read it leigh, its important. he used this chapter to explain why he had to go through horrible things. unlike the cushy life ikeda and his high paid ikedabots live. where do you see the lotus sutra or gosho in their lives leigh?
    my respect for you and others is that i tell you the truth. this is the behavior of a buddha. ikeda and you live a lie...............refute me through the teachings or get lost forever!
    time is short, but it is never too late.

  3. It is beyond astonishment; the apocalypse represented by the triple whammy of Tohoku, and beyond....a Hollywood script writer could not have imagined a more horrific terror from the sea.....thousands of anonymous souls washed out to sea or buried alive, in mud... the multi-meltdowns, leaving the landscape ''hot'' with isotopes for many, many centuries.....It piqued my curiosity as a chanter/Nichiren Buddhist.....Isn't Japan above this, with it's preponderance of life-long Nichiren followers ? and the absent shoten zenshin, who are pledged to counter-act? It seemed counter-intuitive to me, a nameless Buddhist on the other side of the planet......a truly immense scene of brutal retribution....but what for?.....It recalls Hiroshima, or Nagasaki.. before the ascension of the value/creation, is beyond comprehension to this day, akin to a nightmare, materialized......

  4. "Already in this country we have had unusual disturbances in the heavens as well as strange occurrences on earth, and the men of a foreign country have come to attack us. Can there be any doubt that the thirty-three heavenly gods are angry?
    The Benevolent Kings Sutra states: “Evil monks, hoping to gain fame and profit, in many cases appear before the ruler, the crown prince, or the other princes, and take it upon themselves to preach doctrines that lead to the violation of the Buddhist Law and the destruction of the nation. The ruler, failing to perceive the truth of the situation, listens to and puts faith in such doctrines.”

    Is there any doubt that at this timethis passage refers to Ikeda and his ilk who, instead of following the Supreme Votary and his doctrines, chose other teachers and their inferior doctrines.