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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Living it up on members' donations


  1. before the fall from grace. gmw died a sad and lonely man.

    "there are two main reasons people make mistakes in their buddhist practice - 1. they are ignorant of the teachings and 2. they follow a bad leader." - nichiren.
    sgi are ignorant and put their own spin on cherry picked one liners . the shoshit priests keep their members ignorant. both follow bad leaders.

  2. What's wrong with this picture?
    A) They aren't wearing their robes of virtue.
    B) They are indulging themselves in lavish dishes and intoxicating drink.
    C) They are claiming to have attained what they have not attained.
    D) *They* are top leaders of Nichiren Shoshu of America--
    E) All of the above.


  3. answer - E*

    * they mistake the realm of rapture for the realm of ----

    1. Full marks, greg!

      And extra credit for your bonus addendum!!

      " they mistake the realm of rapture for the realm of ----

      I can't think of any reward greater than what you have attained from your own correct faith and practice--


    2. cheers katie, glad you are doing well. rare.

      nichiren teaches: "rare is profound". smiles.

  4. 1971 playing it down like rubber stamps clamps then revamped peeps i'M steeped iN the sutra of the lotus aND I'm here's to lotus sutra ya y'all..Yaz that golden man with da plan down town George M. williams brown. Remember that sound of the one man band, following him like a shoju fan...just blame it on da rain ..fall of teachings for any ordinary kind can find. Not just a white mind like the brine mixing it up in 71' ...time and space COME ...back to the 2016 and not to be mean but whys my peeps looking back on GMW and we's weeps. Oops is that what I did like some kid leaning on a Padre in a midnight macabre. I'm here to Lotus Sutra ya y'all. Not relying on a fall but trusting the call of nichiren. 1971 playing it down cuz I wears the eternal crown not the George w. Frown.

    I'm out shijo kingo 2013

    1. the spirits run rampant...........

    2. Yo! Anon--
      With your clown face on--
      Bringing it ON==
      It ain't hard to see
      WhaYOUR errors BE--
      Easy as 1-2-2--


      Don't know much about His-Tor-Reee!!
      Or CON- sis- Ten- Ceee!!
      From beginning to END= That's start to finish, my friend--

      There's a big fat zit--
      Smack dab in the arm pit
      Of your SGI--
      In the Hiss- TOR- REEE
      that you ain't nevvva
      gonna see--

      'cos theOld fart,
      that's giving you shade
      keep on saying YOU
      got it made--

      Long as you stay,
      long as you play,
      DUMB and
      --"Forever Sensei"!!!

      That's a rap--

  5. missed it. That's a nice white rap? Howz your dance steps?

    1. That's a real non-Buddhist racist comment !!


    2. Not your *peeps*-
      And not impressed by cowardly *no-names*