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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Soka Gakkai and Freemasonry


  1. Hey there buddy.
    Allow me to offer a varying opinion. I don't think you should rejoin Nichiren Shoshu. Never in a million years could I suggest such a thing.

    I think you and Greg should rejoin Soka Gakkai. Why? Because you must serve as agents of change to the Men's Division. I'm sure they would be more than happy to listen to your hogwash lectures. I doubt SGI-USA would take you back however, considering how much slander you have caused against President Ikeda. It must be heartbreaking to see you stood there limping while the High Priest excommunicated the SGI organization. Sad for you and good for the temple, you can't do anything about it now.

  2. Hi Dirham,

    It comes through in most of your comments that you have a perception of the ex-communication initiated by Nikken, expressed as your elation over the effects or consequences; products of your imagination, I must point out, that this action had on ALL SGI members. Rather than comment on how strange your imagined perception may be, I would like to point out that it could not be further from the actual responses SGI, then NSA members and leaders exhibited at the time, though I will say that over the past 25 years, the SGI has exhibited a venomous attitude that rivals yours, toward the NST and especially the High Priest Nikken. At this juncture, active SGI members sound a lot like you do here, only they, of course, are spitting their venom at you and NST.

    I find it interesting that you cannot entertain the fact that a great many SGI members found the extremist, animosity filled environments in SGI and NST to be repugnant and antithetical to Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism. It stands to reason that though clear lines were drawn by Nikken, every single' practitioner was not going to buy into the *us and them* ideology that grew out of Nikken's rank pulling action. You, cling to the fantasy that ALL there is for a practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism-- is *Us or Them* and you could not be further from the truth.

    I would expect you to have some awareness of both the power of faith in Nichiren's teachings, and the stand alone spirit that Nichiren taught. His writings are a testament to the power of the Law and the inherent potential of each individual, yet here you are acting as though it is only through affiliation with one of the two largest Nichiren sects that any practitioner has cause for hope.

    This site represents the real aspect of Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism in its purity, as the teaching for all of us living now in mappo. Nichiren established his sect without patronage from any existing sect of his time, in the face of adversity none of us can imagine. Yet, here you are saying that we cannot practice as Nichiren did, we need what he claimed was not only unnecessary, but detrimental--, an authoritative, priestly class!!

    I can't imagine what you gain by coming here and expressing your very own personal fantasy-- and making predictions of pain and suffering that are actually causes for your own. But, I will say that whatever brings you here, you have the opportunity to learn the truth regarding the consequences of the *split*, and a an even greater opportunity to learn the truth about the teachings of Nichiren and the respect worthiness of those who aspire to follow his teachings.


  3. very well said katie. i hope dirham can respond as a real nichiren buddhist should.

    truth: sgi members know nothing of the teachings and can only speak sensei. the shoshit members know nothing of the teachings and can only respond with dai-nohonzon/high priest. both use it as a threat. bazar indeed. possibly there are a few who know a little bit about the teachings, but i doubt dirham is one of them. he is here to do the devils work. prove me wrong dirham.

  4. Dirham.
    No one here supports the shoshu or any of the abominations spawned from it,nor do we support any of the erroneous teachings of the heretical sects in japan.(all of them are heretical). Your sect changes what is written in the gosho, and so do all of the rest of them. If you can read japanese you will know what i mean. If you cant then you should ask your priests to explain the points expressed here. Ask them why they dont come here to 'correct'our views. They dont come because they are lazy and leave it up to the laity to spread the teachings while they collect your money. Go to japan and see for yourself. I already did. Its a very ugly picture.

  5. You must be kidding. Perhaps you are projecting. Certainly, you are forgettng. Let me refresh your memory:

    "Whether tempted by good or threatened by evil, if one casts aside the Lotus Sutra, one destines oneself for hell. Here I will make a great vow. Though I might be offered the rulership of Japan if I would only abandon the Lotus Sutra, accept the teachings of the Meditation Sutra, and look forward to rebirth in the Pure Land, though I might be told that my father and mother will have their heads cut off if I do not recite the Nembutsu—whatever obstacles I might encounter, so long as persons of wisdom do not prove my teachings to be false, I will never yield! All other troubles are no more to me than dust before the wind."