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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Thank you Sensei

"Davis (current spokesman for Scientology) was quickly returned to the fold and sent to the church’s offices in Clearwater, Florida, where he was required to clean toilets with a toothbrush for a week." 

As Gajokai (Toban), we were required to clean the toilets in the community centers and it was a great honor to be able to clean the toilet in Ikeda's personal apartment, even though he never stayed there. The Gakkai is much more enlightened than the Scientologists. The Gakkai lets you use toilet brushes and not tooth brushes. It really wasn't so bad cleaning Ikeda's toilet, nobody ever used it. Maybe that is why it was such an honor. It was such a relief that we didn't have to clean the public toilets [usually]. Thank you Sensei.

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