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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"When Sensei came in 1990, everything became clear." -- SGI cult leader

Before 1990, despite trillions of Daimoku to the SGI "True Object of Worship", everything was foggy?


  1. by 1990, everything became clearly stupid, and clearly not nichirens buddhism. what say you kennicott/mcguire?

  2. I pulled this off of ABRN-- I'll call it exhibit A -- evidence in my case , arguing that the MENTOR/DISCIPLE DOCTRINE substantiated SGI's claim to religious organization tax exempt status after their ex-communication.!searchin/alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren/John$20Ayres/alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren/gDaKtEGDvCo/m-U2O7rBlSsJ

    Jean Rosenberg said at a WD commemorative district meeting, 1993- Baltimore, Md.
    "President Ikeda's came here in 1990 to *de-program* the leaders- we were in shock during most of the meetings in L.A.-"
    Ergo that special edition Living Buddhism all leaders carried around with Ikeda's NEW guidance/guidelines was indispensable though *difficult to believe and difficult to understand* and IMPOSSIBLE to implement--

    Recall that the Central Executive Committee was established in 1990-- &
    Roll out of the business model & training in cult brainwashing tactics??--
    But mostly setting the stage for SGI to become an independent religious organization replete with tax exemption scheme--

  3. Interesting that she would use the expression "deprogram".

    1. I thought so ,too-- though I had not seen much of the original NSA, I did come in when uniforms were worn and their were *activites* nearly every night of the week-- YMD wearing all white, the blue blazers--etc. Jean referenced nearly every aspect of NSA as being "wrong"-- too much Japanese culture influence, too many meetings, street *shakubuku*- handing out daimoku cards, too easy to get a gohonzon... all of which made sense. the thing is, Ikeda, in retrospect, carried out this drastic reformation in a manner that seemed to automatically instill *fear* in leaders-- all of a sudden Sensei was not just the *top leader* he was THE SGI.
      This was the tenor that had developed over the two years that I had been officially a NST member, but essentially on my own.
      Just saying-- this looks like the ground work for creating one's own religion..

  4. no one knows more about the early days of nsa than i do. not only activities seven nights a week , but five meetings a night. have a 45 minute meeting , run out and get some more people off the street or wherever and have another meeting till 1 in the morning. . ywd pimping the world tribune on the streets late at night and promising boys whatever if they came to a meeting. get the pretty ones out there! all gmw talked about in the late sixties and 70" was sensei. williams , looking back, must have been under enormous pressure. gmw was very well liked/loved by the american members(ask dave cole). toward the 90's i believe williams had a nervous breakdown. "deprogram" refers to stealing the amersican members/staff allegiance from gmw to ikeda. ikeda did this by privately and publicly disparaging gmw to the membership, that gmw had built. the real ugliness here is that gmw was running 24/7 to fulfill and follow/live up to ikedas(kansai) guidance/expectations. ikeda says one thing publicly and another behind closed doors. always has. gmw was too well liked by his members for ikedas liking. ikeda senseless is an evil, evil man. gmw is a great example of wrong thought(religion) and following the wrong person. cheers all.