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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why does SGI not want to discuss the teachings?

Because Nichiren's teachings are at odds with Ikedaism.


  1. and because 95% of them don't even know what the teachings are.

  2. and also because they have been schooled to consider ALL but Ikeda's teachings to be obsolete, not useful or necessary---

    SGI expounds the teachings of Ikeda in a manner that promotes the belief that they are superior to Nichiren's teachings because Ikeda's teachings are more suited to the capacity of *the people*--

    Now, suppose you suggest to a SGI member that he/she should refer to Nichiren's writings regarding *capacity, propagation and the Time* in an effort to convey the divergence from Nichiren's teachings that has been committed by Ikeda --- Without fail, you will encounter hostility and be accused of *hating SGI and/or Pres. Ikeda"

    And thus, as greg points out there is still resounding evidence that at least 95% of the embers don't know what the teachings are. Phase one, *brainwashing* successful!!