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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

World peace and "human revolution" through banal activities?

The SGI is not much different than totalitarian governments and our modern republics and democracies which too have become totalitarian. Since life isn't so great for a good many people who are burdened with heavy taxes [donations], engaged in wars, and their leaders lining their pockets [corruption], the governments attempt to keep the people entertained and uneducated, with endless sport programming, talent shows, reality shows, stupid "newsworthy" events, community activism for shallow causes, poor educational systems, etc. Likewise, the SGI doesn't want the youth to think and to really explore Buddhism, lest their free labor and donations stop, so it promotes mindless culture festivals like Rock the Era for Sensei while drumming into their heads that they are contributing to world peace and "human revolution" through these banal activities.

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