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Sunday, June 5, 2016

"You will end up like John Ayres*, your head split into seven pieces." -- Me,1996

Search "John Ayres* and Reggie" on Alternate Religion Buddhism of Nichiren Google Groups, 2010 - 2012

*American Nichiren Shoshu Emyo translator, staunchest NST defender, and most rabid orthodox teaching critic.


  1. Gradual or sudden was John Ayres fall into defilement? No matter, his head split into seven pieces.

  2. Modern day Red Flag-- frightening, truly!


  3. And this is your golden legacy to future Nichiren Buddhism? A bunch of silly buffoons arguing on the Internet from a rotting part of bitter temple split? Wow, I guess President Ikeda really destroyed you people. Mark Rogow, please SAVE the Sho-Hondo.

  4. Hi Dirham,
    The deterioration of John Ayres, NST member is *hidden in the depths* of the battle that still rages on between you/NST and the SGI. Needless to say, Ayres was not the only casualty. He is however, a compelling instructive case study of the small ego-based attacks that derailed both NST and SGI. As it turns out both were based on the same heretical doctrines, and neither has any real connection to Nichiren's teachings.

    There were and are members in both SGI/NST who seek correct faith and practice and study independently. At the point when a member or leader feels confident enough to challenge the doctrines of their top leaders or high priests, they will incur some type of punishment or disciplinary action. They either leave, resign or risk excommunication IF unable to adhere to the slanderous doctrines and practices of either SGI or NST.

    You are on the fast track to experiencing John Ayres' fate- as are all of you who have hunkered down with your dogma and waged hate campaigns with everyone else who chants daimoku and prays to Gohonzon. Focused on *people*, and your shallow material gain centered practice, you have neglected the prime point of Nichiren's practice. You neither uphold nor protect the Law, the True teaching- in effect, disregarding the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni.; betraying Nichiren himself.

    Is there any offense more grievous than the back stabbing, infighting, bullying and hate campaign activities both NST & SGI are embroiled in?
    Yes !! And you are equal partners, still as far as committing the offense of attacking & defaming sincere followers of Nichiren, and especially those who have become genuine votaries of the Lotus Sutra, which was the *benefit* of this great evil.

    BTW. There is no greater happiness than chanting, upholding and defending the Lotus Sutra, as Nichiren taught.

    10 years and more of blissful practice in the SGI does not equal one day, or one hour of practicing as a follower of Nichiren, refuting errors and rebuking the slanderous teachings that are destroying the Law. There is no mistaking the effects of slander -- on a global scale.

    Any practitioner who chants daimoku and can read Nichiren writings should be well aware that he called for public religious debates to settle disputes over Buddhist doctrines-- for the sake of the peace and prosperity of the land. Why aren't you urging, insisting that your priests engage in debate with Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhists AND get to the root of errors in the doctrines, the teachings themselves--.Is that not the right thing and the only thing for all leaders of every Nichiren *sect* to do??

    I urge you to make THIS cause- and make it a top priority.


  5. Replies
    1. Or both < :-0

      Loser of rain challenge MUST submit to public debate.

      I would love to see us ALL getting back to appreciating, with ever deepening awe, the profundity and power of faith in the Lotus sutra... in a group setting.