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Sunday, July 17, 2016

BBC Documentary:The Chanting Millions


  1. Perhaps one of the most clever ruses pulled off by SGI is the staging of Ikeda's meetings with prominent people. This documentary puts Ikeda's claim to fame in the unsavory context of *wealth and power*-- NOT spiritual leader resonating with people of good will, as one who only reads SGI pubs would have you believe. Arnold Toynbee's grand daughter appeared briefly in this documentary, but her interview is perhaps the most revealing in terms of how Ikeda appears to *outsiders*. There is more detail and background in the article she wrote. Take a look:

    When will we see the exclusive report that reveals where and in *which of the 10 Worlds* is Daisaku Ikeda?


  2. steve gore was gmw and ikedas bodyguard/ymd chief senior leader along with vanesa shaw's father larry. returning through panama and for the sgi, with gmw, gore was arrested for smuggling jewels . i don't know all the facts but some time later gore quite his position and left the org.

    why is it that when i hear ikeda talk, it reminds me of a growling dog?

    toynbees granddaughter is no dumbie.