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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guess who is the Devedatta of the modern age?

Ikeda has usurped the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren and claims that only he practices correctly. He also claims that the way Nichiren practiced does not fit the times. The SGI members praise Ikeda's vast knowledge of Buddhism as if he was a living Buddha. This mirrors, almost exactly, the history of Devedatta, the most evil man in the history of Buddhism. Devedatta was praised by his deluded disciples as having mastered the 80,000 teachings and that his wisdom shone throughout the world. Devedatta himself claimed that the Buddha was too lax while he was much more austere. Thus Devedatta attempted to usurp the Buddha's teachings and disciples. When he realized that he could never engender the same respect as Shakyamuni Buddha, he became filled with jealousy and he attempted to kill the Buddha and his disciples. Ikeda too, never able to command the same respect as Shakyamuni Buddha, attempts to kill Shakyamuni Buddha and his disciples by destroying their teachings.

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