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Sunday, July 17, 2016

SGI cult members should be afforded the same compassion and understanding as drug addicts and alcohlics

"This site , especially through contributing is really opening my eyes further to what I was involved in. It's odd that I somehow glazed through all of the glaring red flags, oblivious to what is so clear now. This has gotten me thinking. What techniques are being used that keep people from using their critical faculties towards the SGI cult? -- former SGI member 

"In the publications, everything is "feel good". In the World Tribune, everyone is smiling in every picture. There is a strict policy accross the spectrum of the cult organization that everything must be marketed to make people feel good. The messages from dear leader and the study material are all feel good and the rhetoric is eternally optimistic.

It's clear now that Ikeda is merely a construction. A completely forged identity that is marketed to the masses. The entire organization, from the top, is shielded and invisible from scrutiny. How? Everything is covered in candy syrup. Nothing gets through. The history of the SGI is contrived and fictionalized, everything is false. 

It's viscerally extremely slippery. Most people make mistakes. From time to time we expose ourselves to scrutiny or falter in our image we wish others to perceive. We are human. The problem with being human is that we are vulnerable to mistakes.

Ikeda , on the other hand is not vulnerable, he is iron clad. Why? Because he is just a packaged identity, generated in back rooms and projected through the cult propaganda machine. You can't judge Ikeda, because he is untouchable. Again, why? Because his life and everything else is contrived and exploited in a way that is seamless. You don't know the real Ikeda and you never will because he hides behind a facade, which is created to get you to lay down your arms and trust. 

Sure, some of you have seen him in public and he does give and take with members. Even so, it's scripted and worked out. The few times where he has slipped, for example the video that was posted here where he has a temper tantrum, is completely out of script for what you are led to believe. The few times where he slips, he exhibits strange behavior. Whenever he goes off script, it's covered up. Again, look how that video is being censored repeatedly from getting to the public... 

Of course he exists, but my point is that he doesn't candidly appear. He is a Soka Gakkai construction in so much as his role as a personality cult leader. 

This propaganda "feel good" machine projects ideals and values onto the members. The members, unaware, mimic and imitate the message and subsequently, you have plastic "feel good" people who help in constructing a hygienic false collective reality that is reinforced through the "mentor/disciple relationship". You are given information to who Ikeda is and how he behaves and as disciple, you follow the script. 

Very clever. That is why there is two worlds within the SGI cult. The surface world which is "feel good" and in which the atmosphere is to express "enlightenment" and well being. This constructed environment is ideal for recruitment. There is also world number two which is "behind the scenes". 

So, off the stage, another reality is in place. The role of leaders is to make sure the script is being followed on the "stage" and that the message gets across to all members so that they play their special part in constructing the set. Behind the scenes is where leaders play their role in making sure that people comply. The leaders are enforcers of an alternate reality. Actually there is a third world, where behind the individual veil, there are all of the normal emotions and behaviors which are being suppressed and it's these emotions that stew and boil under the artificially induced "feel good" environment. 

The more time someone has been in the SGI cult, the more sick and repressed they are. I have heard horrible gossip and backbiting within this cult. 

Underneath the fake scenery there is a very alive need to ventilate the pressure. This is what shocks people after they have been in for a while. You suddenly become aware that the world you were in was fake. This environment disarms you, makes you feel comfortable and lulls you into shutting off your critical defense mechanisms. This is what tricks people into turning off their defenses. 

It's very schizophrenic as people will go back and forth between two or three "worlds". The feel good packaged reality is a drug. The "behind the scenes" reality is the place where people take responsibility in maintaining and keeping up the "feel good" reality. The third reality is well, actual reality where the emotional ventilation and pressure release occurs. 

Rather than attacking the cult, no you just attack other members or even better , the enemies of "Soka". The Soka spirit issue is so powerful because it allows a great release for this suppressed energy. Attack the temple and from what I have seen, many members are fanatical over this issue. 

I had been told that I should chant for Nichiren Shoshu's demise. The reason being that the Nichiren Shoshu, being the SGI cult shadow, is trying to behave like the SGI to trick people into leaving for the temple. It's all nuts, layers upon layers. 

Oh, if you think that perhaps the Nichiren Shoshu would be better for you, forget it. I have studied their organization and they are, if they weren't already from the beginning, just as sick. Instead of Ikeda, they have the high priest. So, don't jump out of the fire and into the frying pan. 

Edit: I am on a roll... What keeps people in the cult is essentially being addicted to the "feel good" drug that covers up and hides the official reality which is harsh and can be cruel at times. 

When people leave, they are forced to face themselves and in many instances they are faced with being alone and without the cult "feel good" crutch. 

Some return to the fold as they need that "fix". Some will rationalize and say to themselves that the cult is better than being "lost" again. 

Cult members should be treated as drug addicts or alcoholics. They should also get the same compassion and help. 

Some will say that the organization helped them and that they overcame many obstacles. Well, you would have overcome obstacles anyhow, people outside the cult do so everyday, the difference is that people outside of cults use different tools to help them along. Family and friends or perhaps a therapist. The big lie is that you couldn't have overcome your problem without the cult holding your hand. Many are tricked into believing that they can only survive with the cult. This would be a deadly mistake to make, in regards to the dignity and respect of your life. 

No more for now." -- Upgrayed

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