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Sunday, July 3, 2016

SGI is really an amazing scam of epic proportions.

"This is quite the opposite considering when May Contribution Month comes around the corner. They bombard the members with made-up stories of the poor and suffering SGI folks who come from afar proudly give there last penny and take second mortgages for the cause of Kosen-Rufu. At first I never really could understand why someone who tell me such a story from way out of left field. Now we know." -- Kevin Richardson

"Yes, those are classic techniques. 

Cult leaders have learned that DESPERATE people, are the ones who will literally spend their last dollar. Most cults TARGET people who are desperate, for that reason. Perhaps they are depressed, have a serious illness, family problems, etc. (PAIN) Then the sect/cult tells them how to relieve their Pain and attain fake Enlightenment. Usually along the lines of joining the cult, and giving them all your money, and working for free. 

As a bonus, when people are broke, they become more emotionally dependent on SGI. After they get used up, SGI just lets them go, and gets new people in. 

Of course people who are RICH are often treated differently. They know who is rich, by the size of the monthly donation, etc. Those folks get special treatment. 

And yes, the abuse of the Buddhist views of reality can create problems. As the saying goes..."the Buddha is with the piss and the shit". Now of course that can be taken many ways. 

But its clear that Ikeda-SGI has taken a view of reality, that there is no such thing as "Good or Evil'. Again, that can be taken many ways. 

But its very easy for SGI-Ikeda to then do literally whatever they want. And the Leaders have different rules than the peons. 

This is why the question keeps coming up about where the BILLIONS in assets from SGI came from? Sure, some came from housewives, and from people donating, but only some of it. 

Maybe someday there will be an investigation on where the SGI billions came from, and how that money is 'cleaned' and sent around the world, hidden behind a religious corporation. 

In Japan, "religions" get a free pass. So of course, anyone with 'black money' as they call it, looks for ways to clean it up. One doesn't need to be an expert in finance, to see that millions in cash can be put into a large religious sect very easily, then sloshed around the world, and invested into the stock market and real estate, and come out clean. 

Bottom line. since SGI has totally closed books, no one should ever give SGI one dollar, not one nickel. And no free labor for SGI either. No donations, no buying of their products, etc. SGI is not worthy, as its just a big secret private family controlled multi-billion dollar family business for Ikeda family. 

There are better ways to contribute to the world. Besides, Ikeda is opposed to "charity" which is just an excuse for SGI to not give any money away. Meanwhile, all SGI does is ask for charity from others, to give them their money. SGI is really an amazing scam of epic proportions." -- response by anticult

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  1. sgi = pretty face, nasty underneath. aka, evil.