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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Soka University graduate Tim Janakos on leaving The Burning House by outlawing disposable wooden chopstics [32:35]


  1. Tim's really living his SGI "buddhism" then...

    I really like the line "...and a few unnamed healing modalities" in the article description (I didn't bother with the radio "show")

    Hmmm now what might those be then... Tim?: "err dunno, well they're unnamed..."

    OK how do they work then?...

    Tim?: "well the mode of operation for unnamed healing modalities is also unnamable..."

    ah right...could this be placebo effect, suggestion or confrimation bias?

    Tim?: "Err no, all of those are named and their mechanisms are known and named, these are UNNAMED healing modalities"

    Ah right, so do they work?

    Tim?: "Well there is evidence of their effectiveness yes"

    Oh really! Wow, where can we read uo on it

    Tim? "You can't"

    Oh...why not?

    Tim?: "these are UNNAMED healing modalities, just as the mechanisms are unnamable, the evidence is...well...unnamable...but it exists for sure"


    Well are there any people we can speak to who've undergone and benefited from...

    Tim? "yep but they're unnamable too... what I can tell you is if you visit my clinic for a consultation you too can experience these unnamed healing modalities for yourself..."

    Echos of "Blandfold" here - buddhism to psychic healing scams.

  2. I have to give you guys credit. I laughed through Mudpie Boi's made up conversation of me.. Thank you I needed that laugh. They are staying unnamed, because I refuse to be certified in the unnamed modalities and they are trying to shut down my youtube channel and sue me for using their healing modalities while not paying them millions of dollars for their ongoing certifications. So until I can afford better lawyers I'm going to keep it unnamed.

  3. Couldn't happen to a more delusional fellow. You can than your evil Sensei for your f-ed up life and death.